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TABS Total Insights Platform

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Why are CPG companies doing sales and marketing analysis the same way they were when scanner data first arrived? Much has changed, and it’s time your analytics caught up. Gain a competitive advantage with our innovative, proven approach.

Data Cleansing & Harmonization

Data Cleansing and

“Big Data” is often messy data. If that data isn’t cleansed and harmonized, then you can’t use it effectively to make smarter business decisions. We can solve this problem for you quickly and effectively, even if you’re on a budget.

Solutions That Deliver Growth

Solutions That
Deliver Growth

The CPG industry is extremely competitive, and it's harder than ever to grow sales. So where do you start? Where are the growth opportunities? We can help you identify areas to strengthen, and help you put a plan into action that leads to higher sales. 

TABS 2017 Baby Products Study

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2017 Baby Products Study

TABS 2017 Personal Care Study

A Deep Dive On Several Personal Care Categories

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TABS 2017 Personal Care Study

TABS 2017 Fact-Based Selling Guide

Using FORCED for More Effective Selling Presentations

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2017 Fact-Based Selling Guide

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