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Whether your company is new or old, big or small, physical or digital, TABS Analytics has a solution that will make your life easier. Our services will help you make better sales, marketing, and strategy decisions. With TABS, you get analysis at the speed of thought.

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Energizer Signs Trade Promotion Analytics Deal with TABS Group

(Shelton, CT) – TABS Group, Inc., a technology-enabled analytics firm, has announced a deal with Energizer Personal Care and Energizer Canada (ENR) to provide the TABS PromoMaster® Plus suite of services to help them measure and optimize their promotional spending through the trade. TABS holistic approach to promotion optimization includes advanced tools that provide instant insight to trade promotion results plus the intellectual capital to deliver best practice strategy and tactics.

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TABS Forms Dedicated Wal-Mart Analytics Team to Enhance Insights

Shelton, CT, October 4, 2013 – TABS Group, Inc. a technology-enabled analytics firm based in Shelton, CT, has announced the formation of a senior-level team dedicated to supporting internal and customer-related initiatives with Walmart. TABS Group will tap into its new talent base to obtain a comprehensive understanding as to how the largest U.S. retail chain operates on a chain and local level. The insights gained will benefit Walmart and Consumer Products manufacturers and further contributes to the firm’s mission to simplify and improve the way analytics is conducted within the industry.

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Prestige Brands Inks Promotion Optimization Deal with TABS Group

Shelton, CT, May 28, 2013 – TABS Group, Inc. ( has announced a deal with Prestige Brands, Inc. (PBH) to provide the TABS Promo Advantage™ suite of services to help Prestige Brands measure, plan and optimize their promotional spending.

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Active deal tactics pack a punch

Article from Chain Drug Review (May 20th, 2013)

May 20th, 2013
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2012 Consumer Packaged Goods Year In Review: Tier Two Manufacturers

Last month I review how Tier I companies (the Top 15 in CPG) saw zero growth, and in fact, very little change in sales at all. Of the 15, only one (Mondelez at +6%) had growth equal to or greater than the category average of +2%. Conversely, only two of the 15 had any meaningful declines, both at -2%. This month we look at the 60 Tier II companies in CPG, which I will define as non-Top 15, but greater than $1B in US-AOC sales for 2012. The story of these companies, that account for 28% of CPG sales, start to tell an interesting story about the ability of companies to drive meaningful sales in their business.

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Understanding the deal-sensitive OTC consumer

Article from Chain Drug Review (April 22nd, 2013)

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Jetta's Ph.D. Dissertation Selected for Presentation

More than 600 papers were submitted for presentation at the prominent 35th ISMS Marketing Science Conference, and Dr. Kurt Jetta's Ph.D. Dissertation was one of the 30 selected to be presented at the conference at Ozyegin University in Instanbul, Turkey July 11-13 2013. Dr. Jetta's paper, A Theory of Retailer Price Promotion Using Economic Foundations: It's all incremental is the basis for our Trade Promotion Solutions and technologies, TABS AccuBase and TABS PromoMaster. Congratulations Kurt, on this honor and hard work. Full Dissertation.
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Snap Shot: Top Consumer Package Goods Business Challenges for 2013

Recently we asked our clients for their top business challenges in 2013. By far the top 2 issues were Promotional Effectiveness (74%) and Product Innovation (72%). Also receiving sizable mention was Retailer SKU Reduction (55%). TABS Group has solutions to address all of these and many other important business needs.
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TABS Group Launches QuickTABS 3.0

QuickTABS® 3.0: Faster, Simpler and Customizable Analytics

In our effort to continually innovate our technology-enabled analytical solutions and tools, we are leveraging enhancements provided by Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 to improve QuickTABS, best-in-class, simplicity, speed, and analytics. Learn more
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2012 Consumer Packaged Goods Year In Review: Tier One Manufacturers

In 2012 Consumer Package Goods, according to Nielsen, generated annual retail sales of $630B sales, up a modest +2% vs. the prior year1. Interestingly, of the more than 15,000 manufacturers, the Top 15 CPG Manufacturers, who each did in excess of $5.5B in sales and accounted for 30% of CPG retail revenue1, were flat vs. prior year. In fact only one, Mondelez (+6%), had growth that was equal to or greater than the industry overall.

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