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Organic Foods and HBC Still Not Mainstream [TABS Group Research]

Shelton, CT (January 2, 2009) – Despite all of the attention from the media and consumer products manufacturers, Organic Foods and Beauty Care items have still not gained mainstream acceptance by American consumers according to a recently released study by TABS Group, a leading Marketing Research and Consulting firm in the Consumer Products Industry. “There is a significant gap between the hype and reality of consumer purchase behavior with regards to Organic products,” states TABS Group President and Founder, Dr. Kurt Jetta. “Less than 40% of Adults claim to have purchased anything from the major Organic categories in the last six months.”

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Kurt Jetta Promotional Theory

TABS Group, a marketing research and consulting company based in Shelton, CT, has announced the graduation of their President and Founder, Kurt Jetta, from Fordham University with a Ph.D. in Economics. His doctoral dissertation is named, “A Theory of Retailer Price Promotions Using Economic Foundations: It’s All Incremental,” and it offers a revolutionary take on the effect and potential profitability of retailer promotions.

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