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Whether your company is new or old, big or small, physical or digital, TABS Analytics has a solution that will make your life easier. Our services will help you make better sales, marketing, and strategy decisions. With TABS, you get analysis at the speed of thought.

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TABS Presents Cosmetics Study Webinar Part II By Drug Store News

TABS Group Founder and CEO, Dr. Kurt Jetta, presented Part II of our 2014 Beauty Consumer Insights study on our webinar with Drug Store News yesterday. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the webinar, and for the great questions that were sent in.

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TABS Group Beauty Consumer Insight Presentation

Today TABS Group presented the highlights of our 2014 Beauty Consumer Insights study on our webinar with Drug Store News.

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Upcoming TABS Group Cosmetics Webinar to be Hosted by Drug Store News

“How important is social media to beauty shoppers when deciding which products to buy? Which online channels are the most popular among beauty enthusiasts? To answer these questions, among many others, Drug Store News has teamed up with consumer analytics company TABS Group for a webinar to further examine today’s beauty landscape.”

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Watch TABS Group’s webinar on Consumables and Trade Spending

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Upcoming Webinar: 2nd Annual Consumer Value Study - Consumables

The 2014 Consumer Value Study (consumables) and How it Affects Your Promotion Optimization Strategy

In the 2nd Annual Consumer Value Study for Consumables, TABS Group looks at how shopping behavior and attitudes have changed vs. last year with respect to consumer’s use of promotional offers. Further we analyze how these promotional search behaviors affect their choices of outlets including Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, Costco, etc.. Other areas covered are quantifying the size of previously hard-to-track channels such as Natural Food and Online purchasing.

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