TABS Analytics 2017 Webinar Series

2017 5th Annual Food & Beverage Consumables Study Recording

Finding Missed Opportunities in Food & Beverage [WEBINAR RECORDING]

Are you racking your brain to find a sales angle that appeals to millennials? Having trouble landing on any kind of deal or promotion that moves the needle?

It could be you’re just looking at the market wrong… and missing out on a HUGE opportunity (that most people haven’t caught onto yet).

With Online Grocery shares remaining in the low single-digits, it might be time to focus on your Brick & Mortar business.

TABS Analytics founder and CEO Dr. Kurt Jetta shared his analysis of the most up-to-date Food and Beverage consumables category data available. Why not end 2017 with a strong Q4 push?

You’ll be the first to find out answers to questions like:

  • Which demographic is crushing millennials when it comes to buying food and beverage consumables?
  • What deal delivery methods are replacing once-popular circulars & FSIs?
  • How has the online grocery market developed in the UK, and does that affect the US?
  • Plus many more…

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get this much category data and insight in one hour anywhere else.


Webinar Video Recording