2017 Awful Analytics: 10 Metrics Hurting the CPG Industry and How to Fix It

Find out about the 10 metrics that are hurting the CPG industry. [WEBINAR RECORDING]


Are you guilty of awful analytics? 


In this webinar – Awful Analytics:10 Metrics Hurting the CPG Industry and How to Fix It – Dr. Kurt Jetta, CEO and Founder of TABS Analytics, reviewed specific measures that are not just ineffective, but downright counterproductive to a company’s growth aspirations. 

The following topics will be covered: 

  • Why obsessing over market share changes ultimately leads to share declines.
  • How bad distribution and sales velocity measures that provide inaccurate conclusions in your retail presentations
  • Reasons why leakage trees are incomplete and misleading
  • Exposing the fraud in Consumer Decision Trees pseudoscience


And, Dr. Jetta offered better ways to analyze your business that are more descriptive and predictive of sales trends. 


Join us for over two decades worth of insights packed into a single hour.



Webinar Video Recording