TABS Analytics 2017 Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Study



You already know that vitamins, minerals and supplements make up a huge percentage of consumer purchases both online and off.

Vitamins and Minerals Study 2017

You might even know that people in the 55+ crowd are 2x more likely to be heavy buyers.

But did you know that women and younger buyers are driving heavy usage into the ground, and actually causing the shift away from Mass Market?


The Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements category is worth over 13 billion dollars annually.


It’s a crucial bellwether for the performance of other categories and general eComm success, meaning this webinar is required viewing for all CPG professionals.

You’ll discover the answers to questions like:

  • How are sales split between online and brick & mortar (and is that dynamic poised to change)?
  • How and where do regular buyers shop the category?
  • Who are the share winners across channels… and where is Amazon losing?


This is our 10th Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements comprehensive category study!

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