TABS Analytics 2018 Webinar Series

2018 Analytics Series - 6 Things You Need to Know from Loyalty Data (RECORDING)

Finding Opportunities from Loyalty Data (WEBINAR RECORDING)


If you've ever dived into retailer loyalty data, then you know the importance, and challenges, of analyzing it correctly.

In this webinar, you’ll be the first to find out answers to questions like:

  • Do you bring new buyers to the category and/or grow purchases among existing category buyers?
  • What other brand/segment items are in your buyers’ baskets?
  • How do your Dollars per Buyer, Spend per Trip, or Trips per Buyer really compare vs. category or total store?
  • Should you benchmark new item performance against own portfolio and competition?
  • How do you avoid common analytical "traps" when looking at loyalty data?  
  • Plus much more…

Understanding the loyalty data to shift the focus on to retail buyers' perspectives to make the sale is more critical than ever. This webinar will explain how to do this, step by step.


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