TABS Analytics 2019 Webinar Series

Online Grocery: Are We There Yet?

Online Grocery: Are We There Yet? White Paper

On April 24th, TABS Analytics founder and CEO Dr. Kurt Jetta presented his second webinar in the 2019 series - "Online Grocery: Are we there yet?". We've now provided a corresponding white paper to that webinar presenation.

Dr. InnovationKurt Jetta reviewed 6 years of data on online grocery that TABS Analytics has collected and provide his thoughts on:

  • The demand and supply problems that online grocery currently faces, but are not frequently discussed.
  • The panel data to analyze the penetration and loyalty trends that underlie the long-term viability (or lack thereof) of online grocery. 
  • A detailed look at the results of the major players in online grocery, namely: Walmart, Target, Kroger and Costco. 
  • How the economics of online grocery play out, and why making a profit remains a challenge (even by projecting results out to gain "scale").  
  • Plus more!

CPG professionals, especially those involved in selling consumables in grocery stores, will find this white paper valuable from the detailed discussion of the webinar topics provided.


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