TABS Analytics White Paper Series

Fundamentals of Data Science for CPG Companies

Is machine learning the answer to your analytics needs in CPG?

Many CPG companies are seeking to take their business to the next level see machine learning and AI as potential saviors.  

However, it’s important to remember that machine learning is only a sub-field of data science. In order to effectively use machine learning, you need to understand the foundations of data science. With that in mind, this white paper will look at the link between data science and machine learning, common traps that companies fall into and how to get things right from the start.

How can this white paper help you make sure you get the most out of deploying machine learning in your business? 

This white paper can help set the stage for understanding machine learning by viewing it within the context of data science.

We'll cover topics like: 

  • What makes a data scientist effective in his or her role at a CPG company
  • Issues with data science models and how to overcome them in your analytics projects 
  • The different types of machine learning models and how effectively deploy them 
  • And more...


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