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Best Practices for Testing Packaging Redesigns

What You Need to Know About
Doing Packaging Redesign Testing

Packing redesigns play an important role in building brand equity and recall. But, doing a redesign can be a perilous journey that can negatively affect your brand's shelf presence and sales.

Brands make changes to their packaging for a variety of reasons. They may be trying to refresh their overall image, improve perceptions about the product, or highlight product features, such as taste, health or other trending characteristics.

But, it's important to keep the end goal of making these changes in mind: to enhance brand equity. But there’s a real possibility of a costly downside: the new packaging could harm sales or cause the product to lose significant shelf presence.

How can this white paper help you make sure you get the most out of your packaging redesign? 

Decision Insight, a division of TABS Analytics, relies on its extensive packaging research experience to explain the myths of package redesign and why traditional testing methods are not the optimal tools.    

This white paper will outline best practices for testing package redesigns, including:

  • The benefits of virtual shopping
  • Key findings about the outcomes of package redesigns
  • How to make packaging research work for your brand


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