TABS Analytics 2020 Webinar Series

8th Annual 2020 Food & Beverage Study White Paper

What You Need to Know About the Food & Beverage Trends in 2020 with Insights that You Can Use to Plan for 2021.  

Online grocery sales in 2020 have exploded because of Covid-19 and the Brick-and-Mortar vs. eComm landscape has evolved at an exponential pace as a result. This year's TABS Analytics study will show how both will play a critical role going forward...

On Aug. 12, TABS Analytics executive chairman and founder Dr. Kurt Jetta shared his analysis of the most up-to-date Food and Beverage consumables category data available.   

Given all the changes happening in the market and the rise of eComm in grocery, why not use the findings from this year's study to help you plan for 2021? 

In this white paper, you’ll be in the know with answers to key questions, including:

  • Which demographic continues to crush millennials in food and beverage consumables?
  • What outlets do various food and beverage buyers shop at and what purchase occasions drive their purchases? 
  • How has online grocery continued to develop (particularly in 2020 with Covid-19) and what are the implications for brick & mortar? 
  • What deal delivery methods are replacing once-popular circulars & FSIs?
  • Plus many more…

The 8th annual Food & Beverage Consumables Study white paper is action-packed! 

TABS has continued the tradition (8 years and counting) of providing detailed analysis and commentary that you can act on today: It’s highly unlikely you’ll get this much category data and insight anywhere else.


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