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Best Practices for Trade Promotion

What +20 years experience has taught us about trade promotion (and how to do it correctly)

Trade promotion is the single most important line item along with advertising on most brand P&Ls. 

No doubt you know how important trade promotions are for consumer-packaged goods manufacturers to drive sales. But developing and executing promotions profitably can be a challenge, and it takes a focused investment of time and money.

How can this white paper help you make sure you get the most out of your trade promotion programs? 

TABS Analytics' new white paper can help unravel the mysteries surrounding trade promotion, taking a data-driven look at what it takes for promotions to perform successfully and how to best measure them with your own data at hand.

In this white paper, we'll cover topics like: 

  • The type of framework and metrics needed to measure trade promotion
  • How to gauge trade promotion success
  • The importance of data harmonization
  • Factors impacting your success.


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TABS Analytics Trade Promotion Best Practices

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