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Food & Beverage Trends White Paper

Our 10th Annual Food & Beverage Trends Study with Insights that You Can Use to Plan for 2023  

TABS Analytics and Decision Insight, now part of TELUS® Consumer Goods, deliver updates on food and beverage industry trends. TABS Analytics has conducted this comprehensive survey every year since 2013. In this 10th annual study conducted in 2022, TABS and Decision Insight examined changes in the industry following the pandemic, including categories purchased, top deal tactics used, outlets where purchases are made, and the evolution of online grocery.

In this white paper, you’ll be in the know with answers to key questions, including:

  • How are shopping trends normalizing?
  • What were the most shopped categories post pandemic?
  • Which was the single heaviest buying demographic in 2022?
  • Where do Heavy Buyers shop the most?
  • Are shoppers becoming more value-conscious post-pandemic?
  • Why shoppers choose to buy online vs in store?
  • Plus many more…


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