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I knew the first time I saw the TABS demo that this was a tool that would elevate the way we analyze our data and enable better business decisions. I am extremely impressed at how easy the software is to use and how quickly we are able to get to meaningful insights."
Lisa Laich, Director of Marketing, WellPet
"TABS takes our data and turns it into information"
Bill Partyka, CEO – Nestle Nutrition, US
"TABS Group has proved to be a fantastic organization to work with, from the analysts coding UPCs to the CEO.   TABS Group has the speed, dedication, can do attitude and the willingness to make it work.  There is no comparison to the competition."
Todd Brant, Director of Secondary Research - Nestle Nutrition
"Our partnership with TABS Group has been very fruitful for Unilever USA. TABS Group’s cutting-edge analytics and consulting have allowed us to provide best-in-class support and guidance to our retail partners and compete more effectively using data-driven insights."
Regina Bailey, Sr. Director of Marketing to Shoppers, Unilever
"We can point to quantifiable results due to our relationship with TABS Group, Inc. We compete against a multi-billion dollar company that is 50 times our size... "
John Vayianos, Vice-President, Sales, Professional Footcare, Inc.
"For over 7 years Physicians Formula has used TABS outsourced category management support, they provide world class analysis so we are always prepared for our account presentations."
Jeff Rogers, President, Physicians Formula, Inc.
"The TABS team combines data with sound critical thinking enabling Paris Presents to continue to find the uncommon approach from common data.  Obviously, they are a valuable part of our broader team."
Bob Wiltz, Chief Customer Officer – Paris Presents, Inc.
"PromoMaster really is a turnkey process. TABS manages and harmonizes the raw data and delivers TABS PromoMaster™ software.  Now my team can quickly conduct promotion analysis, without taking away from current priorities."
Peter Seidita | Director – Category Development – Edgewell Personal Care
"TABS Group has worked with us create the perfect data set for our category and are always quick to respond to any requests. The tools in the program have been of great help for us."
Jenna Welna, Marketing Manager – The Village Company
"I have just finished another planning meeting with our management team. It is also the height of the annual review season with our retailers. I must take the time to send you a note that expresses my appreciation for the quality data and analysis that we have been receiving from TABS Group, Inc... "
John Winning, VP Sales, Trigg Laboratories

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