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Affordable, web-based, enterprise-grade data analytics for BevAlc suppliers of any size.

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Why TABS Analytics?

TABS Analytics immediately gives suppliers and distributors the ability to unlock their teams’ potential with:

  • Data demystified and distilled into easy-to-use reports and tools
  • 75+ years of BevAlc industry expertise
  • A turnkey, best-in-class market-intelligence platform

This industry-changing set of tools will allow your company to:

  • Empower sales teams with ready-made, fact-based selling insights.
  • Focus marketing budgets toward the right growth opportunities.
  • Grant executive teams full market visibility for nimble decision-making.
  • Capitalize on dynamic and relevant custom databases.
  • Employ your web-based reporting suite of choice: Microsoft Power BI or Connected Excel.


"Tabs has allowed us to leverage the sometimes overwhelming amount of Nielsen data received and turn it into actionable information for our Sales and Marketing teams. Adoption and consumption of Nielsen information has significantly increased thanks to the intuitive and versatile end-user interface within Tabs. Tabs team has also been very responsive to questions and in resolving issues faced by our end-users."

~ Eric Venerio, Director, Business Intelligence, Santa Margherita

"TABS provides a quick and easy way to pull together insights and tell stories to our key stakeholders on what’s happening with our brand and in the market. The platform is very user friendly with editing tools to make custom reports most relevant to our team."

~ Chris Lowrey, Brand Manager, Austin Eastciders

"TABS Analytics offers us data which we turn into fact based selling presentations to help us win at retail. Their capabilities and enhancements are key to our monthly reporting and success."

~ Maria Elias, Senior Category Development Manager, Freixenet Mionetto

Oneill vinters
"The power of the TABS Insight platform has been transformative and has allowed us to gain quick access to valuable insights on our brands in the marketplace. We use those insights to help our partners see the value in our brands and the growth opportunity they provide."

~ Chief Sales Officer, O'Neill Vintners & Distillers

cooper cane
"TABS Analytics has been a great partner in the syndicated data space. The visualization tool (TABS Market Insights Connect) allows us to easily analyze AC Nielsen data to derive insights that can be shared with our distributor partners, retail buyers and marketing agencies. The Power BI interface provides a great dashboard for viewing the business, and the connected excel reports provide our sales team customized views that are tailored to their needs."

~ Bryant Peterson, Manager Sales Operations, Copper Cane Wine & Provisions

"Our relationship with TABS Analytics has extended well beyond providing Nielsen reporting solutions. Due to TABS Analytics’ broad clientele base, they have a deep understanding of the CPG/alcohol beverage industry which makes them extremely adept at packaging and delivering insights. Their team of specialists are experts at addressing functional bottle-necks within a company, and help us make advanced analytics look easy. We also love that they sit at the cutting edge of technology. Jeff and team are great full service partners regardless wherever your company sits on their analytical evolutionary journey."

~ Debby Wang, Director of Corporate Analytics & Insights, Breakthru Beverage Group

"Tabs Analytics has helped C Mondavi and Family gain a competitive edge in the market. The interface is user friendly which allows our sales team to easily navigate through historical sales data & derive market insights. C Mondavi & Family continues to leverage TABS Nielsen data to develop market strategy, for the development of our brand."

~ Keerthan Reddy, Sales Data Analyst, C. Mondavi and Family


Compete from Day One.

Sales and marketing teams love us because we help them gain distribution, grow market share, manage distributors, and excite customers. Losing 30-40% of your teams' time to reporting and data processing costs real sales and profits. Drop the processing time, gain analysis, and reclaim commissions!

  • Harness up-to-the-minute market insights, accessible to you anywhere at any time.
  • Nail every sales meeting with dynamic, informative presentations and outstanding industry awareness.
  • Be a vital strategic partner to distributors and retailers.

Visualize everything at once.

Nielsen, IRI, SPINS. VIP, CGA, NABCA. We've worked with all of these and much more. You could be looking at your data, served beautifully to you with dashboards, video tutorials, and unlimited new reports to meet your exact needs, by this time next week!

  • Focus your entire data matrix, viewing everything through a single precision lens.
  • Merge global, regional, and local category data for real-time, meaningful consumer behavior analysis.

With TABS Analytics you can finally conquer that mountain of data.

Whether you are a supplier, distributor or retailer, TABS minimizes the analyis process for you, giving you more time to focus on the actiions that will improve your bottom line.


Maximize resources.

Finance professionals want to know how solutions drive efficiency, save costs, improve outcomes, and importantly, are future-proofed. When insights are easily available, everyone uses them, and high utilization is our hallmark. We raise the bar across the entire organization to convert costly data-processing hours into profitable sales, marketing, and finance results!

  • Free up a mass of time each month by easily creating presentation-ready analysis reports at a moment's notice.
  • Eliminate complexity debt and leverage spending with optimized strategies.
  • Build it once. Use it forever. Spend your time growing revenue.

Simplify tech.

IT teams are overburdened with mission-critical functions but still need to know that your new analytics-as-a-service partner is:

  • Up to date with security protocols.
  • Designed to grant anyone in your organization immediate access to the data and tools they need.
  • Powerful enough to deliver fast, always-fresh reports from a streamlined and powerful dashboard.
  • Deployed effectively and quickly (under a week for existing Nielsen clients).
  • Backed by enterprise-grade capabilities.

System administrators can rest assured, TABS has you covered! All of your partners should be this capable and committed.

With TABS Analytics you can finally conquer that mountain of data.

Whether you are a supplier, distributor or retailer,TABS minimizes the analyis process for you, giving you more time to focus on the actiions that will improve your bottom line.