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Dr. Jetta Interviewed By the Washington Post

Washington Post’s national retail reporter, Sarah Halzack, recently interviewed Dr. Kurt Jetta about the changes in the cosmetics industry. In her article, Halzack mentions the impact both Ulta and Sephora have had on the industry, and why they became so popular. She credits their appeal – especially to the millennial shoppers – who enjoy spending time looking at their options, testing them, and sometimes going with the niche brands. She notes that these two beauty chains are the happy medium between the plain drug stores where shoppers can’t test anything, and the stuffy department stores where until recently, mostly touted skin care creams instead of showing the cosmetics options as well.


“Experts say millennials have flocked to these stores because their setup and merchandise assortment is uniquely aligned with what research shows this generation of shoppers prefers,” Halzack wrote.