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Energizer Signs Trade Promotion Analytics Deal with TABS Group

(Shelton, CT) – TABS Group, Inc., a technology-enabled analytics firm, has announced a deal with Energizer Personal Care and Energizer Canada (ENR) to provide the TABS PromoMaster® Plus suite of services to help them measure and optimize their promotional spending through the trade. TABS holistic approach to promotion optimization includes advanced tools that provide instant insight to trade promotion results plus the intellectual capital to deliver best practice strategy and tactics.

“Trade Promotion continues to grow more complex with many more activities, beyond basic Circulars, Displays and TPR’s to Loyalty Cards, web events and shopper marketing. Energizer is focused on maximizing our trade promotion investment and working with our retail partners to grow the category.” says Pete Seidita, Director of Commercial Strategy & Planning

TABS Group’s holistic approach decomposes all promotional events to know the impact of each trade promotion and shopper marketing activity. TABS solution includes an improved TABS AccuBase® for more accurate Lift and ROI results plus better future forecasting.

TABS Group harmonizes all consumption data, trade spending and qualitative promotion activity required for post event analysis and delivers TABS PromoMaster®, intuitive custom dashboards that provide insight to which promotions deliver the best results, impact of cannibalization and channel shifting effects. “We have done extensive promotional analysis on almost every aisle of the store, which gives us the knowledge to help clients establish successful trade promotion strategy and tactics.” stated David Butcher, Partner TABS Group.

Over the next year, TABS Group will deliver regular updates through TABS PromoMaster®. Energizer will receive promotional results on their core businesses of Shaving, Suncare, Feminine Care and Batteries (Canada only). The service supports an unlimited number of users within the Energizer Personal Care and Energizer Canada organizations.

“One of the advantages that TABS offers is the ability to start seeing results in weeks, and not have to wait six months to begin seeing the benefits.” commented Seidita

About TABS Group, Inc.

TABS Group, based in Shelton, CT, is a technology-enabled analytics firm that has been in business since 1998. Its mission is to simplify and improve the way analytics are conducted in the Consumer Products industry. Their primary service offerings are TABS CatMan Advantage™, an outsourced Category Management solution, TABS WorldView™, a global business intelligence tool, and TABS Promo Advantage™, a software and consulting service that helps companies measure, plan and optimize trade spending. For questions please contact, CEO Kurt Jetta at