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MEI Expands Trade Promotion Services with TABS Group

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Strategic Alliance Adds Analytics Depth to MEI's Solutions

PITTSBURGH, PA (June 13, 2011) – MEI, the global leader in trade promotion management (TPM) software, today announces a deal with TABS Group, a leading marketing research and consulting company, to expand MEI's current trade promotion offerings.

Under this agreement, MEI has contracted TABS Group to design enhanced Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) modules for TradeInsight™, MEI's latest innovation in trade promotion management software. The agreement with TABS Group will also give MEI exclusive use of the TABS AccuBase™ model in the promotion planning module. The partnership will draw on TABS Group's analytical expertise—TABS Group has worked with companies such as Unilever (NYSE: UN) and Energizer (NYSE: ENR)—to drive promotional effectiveness, provide promotional scenario planning and predict successful future promotions. With the addition of TABS AccuBase™, MEI will have the leading, fully-integrated trade promotion management and trade optimization solution in the market with the ability to accurately analyze promotional effectiveness and forecast future performance.

TradeInsight has become increasingly popular as consumer goods manufacturers are outgrowing spreadsheets as a TPM tool and adopting dedicated solutions to better manage, plan, execute and analyze their trade promotion spending. As easy to use as Excel, TradeInsight gives CPG companies a clear-cut, centralized tool that provides a seamless picture of sales from warehouse to consumer, performs sales forecasting accurately and eliminates the spreadsheet integration headache.

"Together with TABS Group, we are looking forward to offering the first truly integrated approach to better equip our clients with the tools they need to plan, execute and evaluate effective trade promotions," says Lorne Schwartz, CEO of MEI. "Accurate baselines and post-promotion analytics are essential to taking trade promotion management to the next level."

"MEI is an ideal fit for us, as both of our companies' heritages are based on small-to-mid-sized companies as well as those in the natural and organic industry," said Dr. Kurt Jetta, CEO and founder of TABS Group. "We also see a terrific fit in their corporate culture, in their cost-effective solutions, their speed-to-implementation and their commitment to innovation."

About MEI

Founded in 1983, MEI is a global provider of trade promotion management (TPM) solutions. MEI gives packaged goods companies the power to integrate TPM into existing sales and marketing accounting systems to better track trade spends and performance, planning, forecasting and reconciling. MEI's web-hosted enterprise software solution, TradeInsight, provides a near real-time picture of sales from warehouse to consumer, performs sales forecasting accurately and eliminates the spreadsheet headache. For more information, visit or call 1-800-463-6634. Become a fan on Facebook or follow MEI on Twitter.

About TABS Group

TABS Group, the leader in Analytical Innovation, is dedicated to increasing clients' sales and profit through more advanced and strategic insight combined with a more efficient analytical process. TABS AccuBase™, developed by Dr. Kurt Jetta while earning his Ph. D. in Economics from Fordham University, is the only solution to accurately measure incremental Promotional Lift. TABS Group provides additional services such as Total Store Analytics™, AisleMaster™, PanelMaster™ to Manufacturers, Retailers, and Financial Firms. Founded in 1998, TABS Group is comprised of senior executives with sales, marketing and retail experience. For more information, please visit or call 203-925-9157.