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TABS Forms Dedicated Wal-Mart Analytics Team to Enhance Insights

Shelton, CT, October 4, 2013 – TABS Group, Inc. a technology-enabled analytics firm based in Shelton, CT, has announced the formation of a senior-level team dedicated to supporting internal and customer-related initiatives with Walmart. TABS Group will tap into its new talent base to obtain a comprehensive understanding as to how the largest U.S. retail chain operates on a chain and local level. The insights gained will benefit Walmart and Consumer Products manufacturers and further contributes to the firm’s mission to simplify and improve the way analytics is conducted within the industry.

The new TABS Group analysts have a high level of expertise on Wal-Mart and retain outstanding credibility with the retailer. They previously held positions at IRI Worldwide, a leading provider of syndicated retail sales data.

“We are extremely excited to have all of these experts on board at TABS Group,” says Dr. Kurt Jetta, Founder and CEO of TABS Group. “Once we combine their outstanding business acumen and expertise with Walmart with our unique analytical approach and proprietary models, we believe we will have a superior service offering to all parties that do business in Bentonville.”

As the newly appointed Vice President of Client Services at TABS Group, Kayla Fromm-Mendoza will focus exclusively on Walmart’s internal analytical needs. John Powell, also appointed to Vice President of Client Service, will serve as a liaison between manufacturers and Wal-Mart initiatives. In his new role as Director of Retail Analytics, John Bundy is responsible for supporting advanced analytics and consulting initiatives, while Brad Clayton, Director of Information Management, will concentrate on handling the massive amounts of data involved in supporting the analytical needs of Walmart and Walmart manufacturer teams. All four will report to TABS Group’s Walmart Team Lead, Mr. Kelly Marion.

In addition to its Wal-Mart initiatives, TABS Group recently welcomed Skip Selle as the new Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Selle has held a variety of analytical and business development positions at best-of-breed companies including IRI, Spectra and Nielsen. Consultant Rob Ruff also joins the company from SCA, a leading manufacturer of Adult Incontinence products, to support clients’ Category Management initiatives via TABS Group’s TABS CatMan™ service. These new additions will enable the firm to continue its focus on double-digit annual revenue growth and expert consulting services.

About TABS Group, Inc.

TABS Group, based in Shelton, CT, is a technology-enabled analytics firm that has been in business since 1998. Its mission is to simplify and improve the way analytics are conducted in the Consumer Products industry. Their primary service offerings are TABS CatMan Advantage™, an outsourced Category Management solution, TABS WorldView™, a global business intelligence tool, and TABS Promo Advantage™, a software and consulting service that helps companies measure, plan and optimize trade spending. For questions please contact, CEO Kurt Jetta at