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TABS Group Launches QuickTABS 3.0

Written by TABS Analytics | February, 28 2013

QuickTABS® 3.0: Faster, Simpler and Customizable Analytics

In our effort to continually innovate our technology-enabled analytical solutions and tools, we are leveraging enhancements provided by Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 to improve QuickTABS, best-in-class, simplicity, speed, and analytics. Learn more
  • Enable/Disable Sync: Carries formatting and filters across all reports
  • Summary/Graphs: Quickly view results graphically as well as numerically.
  • Conditional Formatting: Easily identify market opportunties and risks
  • Contextual Definitions: Pop up definitions of measures in each report
  • Custom Reports: Greater flexibility in structuring different report formats in addition to the already provided 6 standard reports

View Presentation of features of QuickTABS 3.0, or for a full demonstration of QuickTABS and other solutions and technologies contact Bill Laros or Daniel Kresina.

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