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Unilever Uses TABS' Technology; Wins Supply Chain Partnership Award

Unilever Utilizes TABS Group's Space Optimization Technology To Competitive Advantage; Wins BJ's "Supply Chain Partnership Award”

May 28, 2014

The TABS Group, Inc., a leading technology-enabled analytics firm, congratulated Unilever on winning BJ’s’ “Supply Chain Partnership Award 2014.” TABS Group’s innovative retail space optimization product, TABS RetailWorks™, was an important ingredient in Unilever’s successful operations.

The TABS productis the only complete solution for companies to fully realize their space potential. The system goes beyond analytics to aisle/department management and optimization of an entire retail location. It provides user-friendly software facilitating the process of space reallocation recommendations. TABS RetailWorks™analyzes the three primary components of the process with three software solutions: TABS ProfitMaster shows how space should be reallocated by department and category; Adjacency Optimization delivers a strategic roadmap for category or segment adjacencies; and Strategic Priority Model provides direction on which products deserve the most desirable locations in the store.

We are pleased that TABS RetailWorks™played a vital role in Unilever getting the recognition it so deserves,” said Dr. Kurt Jetta, CEO & Founder of The TABS Group. “We value our long-term relationship and it’s great when others notice the company’s excellence.”

“We thank BJ’s for recognizing us again for our work in maximizing our supply chain effectiveness,” said Regina Bailey, director, marketing to shoppers, Unilever. “We have enjoyed a great partnership with the TABS Group’s expertise and state-of-the-art software in delivering customer excellence.”


About TABS Group, Inc.

TABS Group, based in Shelton, CT, is a technology-enabled analytics firm that has been in business since 1998. Its mission is to simplify and improve the way analytics are conducted in the Consumer Products industry. Their primary service offerings are TABS CatMan Advantage™, an outsourced Category Management solution, TABS WorldView™, a global business intelligence tool, and TABS Promo Advantage™, a software and consulting service that helps companies measure, plan and optimize trade spending. TABS RetailWorks, the only complete solution for total retail space optimization, goes beyond category analytics to aisle management, department management, and even the entire store.