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Blacksmith Applications Acquires TABS Analytics



As executive chairman and founder of TABS Analytics, I sign a lot of papers. But recently, I signed one of the most important papers of my career:

I signed a document to sell TABS Analytics.

We were acquired by a like-minded company, Blacksmith Applications of Boston, Massachusetts.

Blacksmith is the market-leading innovator of trade management, optimization, sales enablement and advanced analytics solutions for CPG customers of all sizes across channels.

TABS’s solutions, combined with Blacksmith’s applications, analytics and data, will enable CPGs to spend their time driving revenue, not dissecting data. Together, we will manage, analyze and optimize omnichannel retail promotions through a unique mix of proprietary technology and a consultative performance analytics practice.

The Blacksmith team won me over in early discussions when I realized we have a shared passion for delivering value to customers through analysis and insights.

So, you might ask, why did we sell? The answer is rooted in the idea of teamwork and is well articulated in this quote from Andrew Carnegie, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

The TABS team has worked together in the service of our shared vision for decades. We’ve accomplished a great deal and in order to keep growing, we need more people on our team. More people to do more amazing work, together.

Blacksmith has the players we need to attain the next level of uncommon results in our competitive set.

We are stronger together – a stronger team, stronger solutions, stronger potential – than either company was alone.

It’s still business as usual, but we expect and hope that the boundaries between TABS and Blacksmith will become more fluid and eventually disappear.

We look forward to continued growth as part of the Blacksmith Applications team.

Please see the press release to learn more details about the acquisition.

Kurt Jetta

Executive Chairman & Founder