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Consumers Respond Similarly to Trade Promotion Activities, Regardless of the Country

In the last 18 months, TABS Analytics has completed promotion optimization engagements in: USA, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Australia, India and the Netherlands. The results may or (may not) surprise you...

Consistency in Promotional Response 

What is interesting is that promotional response is consistent in all of those countries: from the highly developed western economies to the up-and-coming ones such as Egypt or Chile. It is proof that people all across the world love a great deal, and they will buy in mass quantities when they see one. Low income consumers with limited budgets, middle income consumers with large families or high income empty-nest doesn’t matter.

Modeling Capability Expansion  

From an analytical perspective, it vastly expands our modeling capability because we can use observations of various tactics in one continent and apply them to retailers in another, once we corroborate responses for like-to-like tactics. Similarly, we can expand our models to channels without scanner data as long as we can develop a reliable profile of the retailer in terms of square feet, format, assortment, and other factors.

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