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Consumer Deals Still Drive Food And Beverage Sales | TABS Analytics


In our second infographic from the 2016 TABS Analytics Food & Beverage Study, we wanted to call out some "old-school" ways that still deliver results for food and beverage consumables categories. Key findings are highlighted below, including:

  • Grocery has the highest share of consumers purchasing regularly (and the highest overall penetration)
  • As we've highlighted previously, online grocery continues to struggle to break the 2 percent share mark
  • Consumers purchasing food and beverage consumables respond well to retailer promotions
  • Trendy, often-touted concepts like organic food and beverage products and online show rooming are yet to be mainstream

 Some things indeed are "old" because they stand the test of time and still work.

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Food & Beverage Infographic


Food & Beverage Consumables Study