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TABS Named A Best-In-Class Vendor In 2017 | TABS Analytics

At a time when the majority of consumer goods companies are unsatisfied with their ability to manage trade promotions, and many are still doing so on spreadsheets, the value of a great vendor to help with trade promotion management/optimization (TPx) can't be underestimated. TABS Analytics was honored to be named as one of the best-in-class vendors by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) in its 2017 TPx Vendor Panorama report.

The TPx Vendor Panorama was developed to help guide consumer goods companies to successfully execute trade promotions at the headquarters level. In addition to identifying vendors’ strengths and weaknesses, the report offers key insights from the POI survey, and suggests numerous strategies companies can employ to improve trade promotions. 

TABS Analytics was one of 17 best-in-class vendors across 12 functional areas that help retailers and consumer goods executives manage trade promotions effectively. The company was rated highly for its market understanding, vertical/industry strategy and vision. The report noted that because the company is growing and profitable, it has maintained a “consistent focus on product development and innovation.” 

The TPx Vendor Panorama also noted that TABS Analytics’ products excelled in aptness and flexibility, TPO completeness, user experience, analytical capabilities, product vision and configurability. “TABS is all about analytics,” the report noted. “Its Total Insights product has the best dashboard we have ever seen because it is visually compelling, includes unique elements such as social ‘buzz’ data, ads by banner, breakdown of sales volume data, demographics, and total share by retailer/online vendor. From there, it has the ability to drill into the details to understand every aspect of the business. It is truly ‘total business analytics.’” 

TABS also was cited for its strong user experience, delivering all the capabilities of a power user tool, but doing it in a way that is intuitive and relatively simple to use. TPx Vendor Panorama noted that inclusion of presentation builder functionality makes it easier to turn data insights into impactful materials. 

The report said that “before any meaningful TPx work can take place, a firm like TABS has to prepare the key ingredient, the data. This is why we see TABS in more and more data projects of late and why it is a critical player in this space.“ 

To see what else the TPx Vendor Panorama had to say about TABS, you can download the report here. And check out the TABS blog series on trade promotion optimization and download the e-book below.

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