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TABS Analytics and Brewers Advisors Partner to Make Nielsen Data More Effective for Craft Breweries

Collaboration focuses on helping brewers increase trade promotion ROI by identifying spend effectiveness and improve sell-in to wholesalers and retailers

Shelton, Conn. – July 13, 2020  TABS Analytics, a Nielsen Connected Partner, announced today that it is collaborating with Brewers Advisors to launch a powerful software and analysis platform designed specifically for breweries that simplifies the use of Nielsen scan data. TABS Market Insights Connect™ clearly identifies sales problems, opportunities and indicated actions.

TABS Analytics enables direct data integration for Nielsen customers, offering an information management breakthrough that provides users with a competitive advantage.

The collaboration between Brewers Advisors and TABS Analytics brings together two organizations that are deeply rooted in the beer industry with the goal of helping breweries build their off-premise business by effortlessly understanding key metrics. Market Insights Connect enables breweries to:

  • Assess the effectiveness and ROI on promotional dollars, which is often the largest part of the marketing budget and the hardest to figure out.
  • Know their competition and demonstrate to wholesalers why their brands merit more attention than others.
  • Simplify chain selling support, enabling sales representatives to easily identify and present supporting data for chain calls, with the reports prepared automatically.

“At TABS, we have developed a turnkey system that is easy enough for anyone on the team to use on their own, but yet has the power and analytical capability that even the largest suppliers and distributors demand – all designed to make an immediate impact on your business,” said Tucker Malsch, vice president, Business Development at TABS Analytics. “It is especially useful for companies that don’t have large IT or category management teams, supporting the end goal of saving you time, increasing efficiency and enabling you to focus on building your business.” 

“The problem we solve is too much data, not enough meaning,” said Mike Mitaro, founder and president of Brewers Advisors. “We have designed this system to help breweries understand their off-premise businesses, avoid waste and create value for their wholesaler and retailer customers. This is what everyone is trying to do, but we have made it easy.” 


About TABS Analytics

TABS Analytics is a member of the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, which enables TABS Analytics to connect and collaborate with Nielsen and its clients. With its proprietary analytical innovation, TABS Analytics provides expert guidance and unique data management capabilities to help breweries, beer distributors and CPG companies get real results and competitive, usable insights from their sales and marketing data. 


About Brewers Advisors

Brewers Advisors is dedicated solely to helping beer companies be successful. Led by Mike Mitaro, beer executive and beer entrepreneur, we have walked in your shoes and understand your challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. We provide analysis of your business based on the data, so you can take action to correct problems and improve sales, distribution and profitability. 


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