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TABS Named a Best-in-Class Vendor in POI’s 2019 TPx Vendor Panorama Report

TABS Analytics continues to rank among the top of vendors supporting trade promotion and loyalty programs, according to the Promotion Optimization Institute's 2019 TPx Vendor Panorama report. 2019 marks the 4th year in a row that TABS has been included as a best-in-class vendor. For 2019, TABS was cited with this distinction in two categories: Dashboard and Data Management. POI noted that the company is "highly innovative, shows the insights in very consumable formats, and has deep insights."

The TPx Vendor Panorama was developed to help guide consumer goods companies to successfully execute trade promotions at the headquarters level by identifying vendors’ strengths and weaknesses. The report examines all aspects of trade promotion – also referred to TPx, which includes trade promotion management, optimization, effectiveness and analytics.

According to POI, these facets of TPx are more relevant today than ever before. As the industry evolves with eCommerce, click & collect, and direct-to-consumer sales, POI noted that brick and mortar experiences are still valued by the consumer. This increases the need for organizations to have the visibility, robust insights, and ability to balance their portfolio, costs and ecosystem.

The TPx Vendor Panorama report helps organizations understand how capabilities from numerous vendors will fit into their strategies, address pain points, and create enterprise visibility and connectivity across the cross-functional teams.

In the latest report, TABS was recognized for its dashboard and data management capabilities.


The TPx Vendor Panorama noted that the TABS Insight dashboard is “top notch” and is in a league all its own. It also applauded the fact that the platform is data agnostic, rather than relying solely on traditional syndicated data sources. 

The report noted that “[e]xpanded cloud-based capabilities are a real plus for CG companies who want more configurability in dashboards or require power to do more heavy lifting with their big data…. [TABS's dashboard] is visually compelling and includes unique elements such as social ‘buzz’ data, ads by banner, breakdown of sales volume data, demographics, and total share by retailer/online vendor. It has the ability to drill into the details to understand every driver and aspect of the business. It is truly ‘total business analytics.’”

It also noted TABS's analysis rigor, which offers “exceptional insights for S&OP planning partners: marketing mix analysis, business drivers, models using price elasticity, SKU elasticity and demand transfer.”

Data Management

The report highlighted TABS’s speed and its depth of data cleansing and harmonization of disparate data in a single platform. “Data quality is key to generating insights for better promotional executions. Few vendors provide data quality services,” the report noted. “We have seen TABS successfully take on data harmonization challenges after other vendors/providers have failed.”

CPGToolBox Joint Venture

The TPx Vendor Panorama also highlighted the collaboration between TABS Analytics and CPGToolBox that was announced in June, noting the "new partnership with TABS provides powerful data, baseline, and lift management and promotion optimization capabilities side by side with CPGToolBox TPM."

The TPx Vendor Panorama concluded that those companies looking for insights into better promotion, and seeking unique ways to look at business problems with a superior UX, should consider TABS.

To see what else the TPx Vendor Panorama had to say about TABS, download the report.

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