TABS Cosmetics Trendspotter

2017 - 2018 Edition Special Points of Interest


  • Millennials + Social Media = The Catalyst for a Cosmetics Boom

  • Brick-and-Mortar on the Rise for Specialty Cosmetics

  • Niche Segments Are Driving Cosmetics Growth

Coming on the heels of the TABS 2017 Cosmetics study (watch the webinar recording), we've compiled several articles that support what we are seeing in our multi-year research.  

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TABS 2017 Food & Beverage Trendspotter

TABS Analytics 2017 Food and Beverage Trendspotter


  • A Surge in Snacking
  • A bit more O in your H2O
  • Putting More Protein in Your Breakfast Bowl
  • Regular or Diet?
  • Clean Eating for your Sweet Tooth


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TABS 2017 VMS Trendspotter

TABS Analytics 2017 VMS Trendspotter



  • Supplement Subscriptions Revolutionize Delivery and Aesthetics
  • Anti-Inflammatory Warm Drinks
  • B12: A Vitamin on the Rise
  • Gumming Up the VMS Industry
  • Inside-Out Beauty: The Rise of Collagen
  • A Focus on Sleep and Relaxation




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TABS 2017 Baby Care Trendspotter

TABS Analytics 2017 Baby Care Trendspotter


  • Latest Baby Care Trends Out of China
  • Multi-purpose Baby Balms
  • Baby Food Delivery Service
  • Super Grain Cookies for Toddlers
  • Organic Baby Food Trends to Watch








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TABS 2017 Personal Care Trendspotter

TABS Analytics 2017 Personal Care Trendspotter


  • New Product Trends
  • Probiotics in skin care
  • Using active charcoal in bubble masks
  • Natural, Non-toxic Components in Personal Care
  • Superfood in skin care
  • At-home skin care devices



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TABS Analytics 2017 Beauty Trendspotter

2017 Edition Special Points of Interest


  • Color Cosmetics Top the Industry
  • China Gaining Ground in Domestic Beauty Products
  • Beauty Care Ingredients Borrowing from Chinese Medicine
  • Price Determines where 87% of Women Buy Beauty Products 
  • Anti-pollution Skin Care
  • Ethical Cosmetic Labeling
  • The Use of Probiotics in Skin Care



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TABS 2016 Food & Beverage Trendspotter

2016 Edition Special Points of Interest


  • Snacking On The Rise
  • Healthy Snacking Trends
  • Insights On Millennials
  • Consumer Trends 
  • Probiotics Becoming Mainstream
  • Ingredients Innovation




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TABS 2016 Vitamin Trendspotter

2016 Edition Special Points of Interest


  • eCommerce Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Consumer Insights
  • Health Updates
  • Brand Sales Rankings
  • Sports Nutrition Launches 






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TABS 2016 Beauty Trendspotter

2016 Edition Special Points of Interest


  • Beauty Industry Trends
  • Social Media Trends
  • Beauty Specialty Retailer Updates
  • Natural/Organic Cosmetics
  • Ingredient Innovation
  • Marketing Trends
  • Consumer Insights



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