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Vitamin Sales by Outlet - An Overview

As part of the TABS Group 2015 Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Survey, we've published a vitamin infographic highlighting key outlet trend facts.

Some key areas highlighted include:

  • VMS Share of Occasions/Estimated Sales
  • Outlets of Choice Among User Groups
  • Online Vitamin Category Sales by Domain
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U.S. Vitamin Industry Size Dispute Continues

Last week, TABS Group's CEO, Dr. Kurt Jetta, challenged established estimates of the vitamin industry's sales in the U.S. John Bradley of the Nutrition Business Journal responded, defending NBJ's vitamin industry size calculations.

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Vitamin Industry Estimate Challenged by TABS Group's CEO

TABS Group's CEO, Dr. Kurt Jetta, took aim at established industry norms with research showing that the vitamin industry sales in the U.S. are $12 billion, not $35 billion, as claimed by Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ). Dr. Jetta based his conclusions on findings from TABS Group's 8th Annual Vitamin and Sports Supplement Industry Study conducted in April 2015.

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Infographic - Sports Nutrition Buyers

This infographic highlights some of the results from our 2015 Vitamin & Sports Nutrition Study.

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TABS Survey Reveals Online Share of Vitamin Market Drop

Shelton, CT – May 20, 2015 – Although the total of all online sales of vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) continues to outstrip all specific brick and mortar outlets, Amazon and other online retailers saw a share drop in category sales for the first time in eight years according to a survey by the TABS Group. In the “Eighth Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Study,” TABS Group found VMS sales were up 3 percent versus 2014 levels, and were being driven by gains in mass market outlets particularly from Walmart, Costco and Rite Aid. TABS Group estimates the US retail market size of VMS at $11.8 billion annually.

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Dr. Kurt Jetta In Drug Store News Speaking About Vitamin Category

Dr. Kurt Jetta, Founder and CEO of TABS Group, was recently featured in an article on Drug Store News about the Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS) category.

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Ten Vitamin segments yield lion’s share of growth

“The three big success stories in the last couple [of] years have been [vitamins] B [and] D and probiotics,” Kurt Jetta, CEO of TABS Group, told DSN. “Adult [multivitamins] from last year are up, although that now has stopped in its tracks because of some negative PR [published in JAMA],” he said. “That usually has a disruptive effect for several months. ... Our research shows it’s up [significantly] due to overall usage.”

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TABS Group CEO Kurt Jetta quoted in AdAge article on Vitamin Industry

Kurt Jetta, CEO of the Tabs Group, an analytics firm that recently completed its seventh annual study of the vitamin business, sees an "overall lethargy" in the business this year that he attributes to the negative effects from the studies. Mr. Jetta still projects overall growth of 3% to 4% for 2014 in a business he pegs at $11.4 billion in all channels, though he's leaning more toward low end of that range, well below high-single or even double-digit growth rates in years past.

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Infographic - 2014 Vitamin Study

Check out the TABS Group 2014 Vitamin Study infographic that highlights trends driving the category, including: the growth of the online channel and the increased importance of the Male buying segment.

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TABS Group Featured In Retail Leader

TABS Group featured in Retail Leader report on Vitamin Category. Click here to read more.

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