COVID-19 Total Store Impact Tracker | Consumer Packaged Goods

Updated Quarterly

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to impact the consumer landscape and habits of the country. The patterns of shopping have been altered by changes in product prioritization, online availability, trip frequency, and more. The purpose of this tracker is to provide a macro view of the volumetrics of consumption across the store.

We will be updating this with fresh data every four weeks to illustrate a rolling 13-week view of purchase patterns. Additionally, we will be developing a topline report to illustrate the major shifts underway. If interested in receiving the detailed report, please sign up in the form below.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you have questions about how to use this dashboard, please reach us at for assistance or watch the video tutorial.

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More Information

As we come out of this crisis, best practices in analytics will continue to evolve. We highly recommend leveraging the Nielsen Consumer Panel for insights into consumers and their shifts in behavior and priority. To understand how to position your brand for the mass of new online consumers, we recommend Decision Insight as a resource to analyze how shoppers make online purchase decisions. Not only have consumers changed, but we anticipate retailers will require a greater understanding of their trends side-by-side with online consumption.

Thank you again to our exceptional partner Nielsen for their generosity in providing the data that enables this application for the entire Consumer Packaged Goods community.

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  1. Category impact: dollar sales changes and 13-week trends 
  2. Who's winning, who's losing: category gainers and losers
  3. Peeling the onion: dollar and unit sales decomposition 
  4. Who's getting better or worse: category sales acceleration (deceleration) over time