Data Harmonization and Dashboards

Data Integration: See How Your Business Truly Performs.

We believe in the power of accurate, accessible, harmonized data -- and our industry-leading products reflect that commitment. At TABS Analytics, we’ve eliminated the need to jump from one data source to the next; or the need for your team to integrate various data sources into a single view.  Instead, we use machine learning harmonize and integrate your data to bring insights and opportunities directly to you. 

See Your Total Business Using Syndicated And Account Data 

At TABS Analytics, we're proud to offer one of the industry's premier business analytics solutions that leverages our data harmonization expertise: TABS Account Insights.

TABS Account Insights™ provides companies with an integrated and harmonized view of Retailer POS data, shipments, and financial budgets. The result? Instant access to key internal and TABS proprietary business metrics that empower you to make risk management, and investment decisions that lead to improved performance.  Weekly updates and unlimited user access promote internal collaboration and the ability to make effective changes in a timely manner.   

Dashboards: See The Data; Find The Insights

Business decisions should be based on a holistic view of market performance, but that is often difficult to achieve without a cohesive data set in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Our  data dashboard suites solve this problem by offering the following key benefits: 

  • Fully cleansed and harmonized data set built into a dashboard platform using Tableau® technology
  • Customizable and flexible reporting, with advanced drill-down capabilities and big data analytics
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, across multiple platforms and devices 

Identify Opportunities Faster With Our Dashboards 

At TABS Analytics, we're proud to offer some of the CPG industry's premier business analytics solutions that leverages our data dashboard expertise:

TABS Market Insights™ provides a top-level overview of your business with the ability to drill down into key drivers.

TABS Market Insights PRO™ a more advanced platform that allows a deeper dive into promotion and pricing.   

TABS Total Insights™ our newest and most advanced dashboard suite that integrates all data sources and analysis into one portal for a fully integrated, wholistic look at your business. 


A Product that Drive Profits - Globally

At TABS Analytics, we're proud to offer the industry's only business analytics solutions that harmonizes data globally: TABS WorldView®.

TABS WorldView® is a custom multi-country consumer sales database and analytics service. Worldview brings together disparate data across numerous countries to provide our clients with:

  • Better understanding of market environment and competitive actions
  • Improved collaboration between corporate global and local countries
  • Accurate representation of global market share to Wall Street / financial institutions.

Many global companies spend an inordinate amount of time working with divergent data content and formats from across the globe, as all of this non-uniform information must be condensed into a single view. TABS WorldView solves this problem by harmonizing and organizing divergent data --enabling companies to focus on results, rather than the tedious process of organizing information. Data Harmonization is conducted across category definitions, product attribution, monetary value exchange, and reporting time period alignment. 

In essence, TABS WorldView allows you to identify and seize global opportunities while the competition is still busy aggregating data - That's the WorldView advantage.


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