Data Harmonization and Strategic Selling

It all starts with syndicated data, which begins at the point of sale at hundreds of retailers across thousands of store locations, scanning universal product codes (UPCs) at the register. Data suppliers such as IRI, Nielsen, and SPINS collect this UPC-level data and go through a rigorous process to extrapolate that data over the total U.S. population, retailers, regions, competitive markets, and other geographies.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers then purchase this data and use it internally or engage partners such as TABS Analytics to help provide analysis. Why would a CPG manufacturer engage a partner such as TABS? TABS turns that raw data into information fast! Our tools allow you to customize analytics, graph reports, and make selling presentations in hours instead of days or weeks.

TABS also utilizes data harmonization best practices to bring data sources together into one consistent view. For example, different data sources provide a different raw name description for the same item. TABS uses data harmonization techniques to remove these discrepancies and provide one consistent description. Clean, customized data is critical to insightful analysis.

TABS Analytics tools bring syndicated data to life, identifying opportunities to:

  • Track performance
  • Understand winning and losing players
  • Discover incremental new items
  • Identify top-ranking items and poor performers
  • Determine distribution and share gaps

See how data harmonization and strategic selling come together in the videos below:


How To Build A Selling Presentation

A winning sales presentation combines romance slides that explain the features and benefits of your new item with data that supports why the retailer and consumers need your new item. See how to find those key selling insights using one of our favorite tools, QuickTABS


Category Review How To

Learn how you can regularly report on your business and provide information to your sales, marketing and leadership teams with pre-populated charts that are filled with product performance insights. This video, provides an overview of Market Insights PRO and Presentation Builder.


Presentation Builder Live Demo

When it comes to strategic selling, your presentation is arguably the most important part. The way you discuss and visualize your data points throughout your meeting can make or break whether you get the sale. Presenting data facts and insights can be a balancing act. Watch this video to learn how to strike the perfect balance.


Strategic Selling New Report Showcase

TABS Analytics is excited to showcase a new report in the suite of CPG analytics tools. With these new reports in hand, you can be an expert on your brand and feel informed when making strategic decisions to guide the business to growth. See a live demo in this video.

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