Marketing Analytics Bring Deep Insight Into Your Marketing Spending

The actual return on investment of a company’s marketing dollars should be one of the most important insights in their arsenal. But if a stakeholder asked you about your ROI on marketing spend, would you hesitate to answer, or would know exactly what to say?

Unfortunately for many companies, the latter is the likely scenario. Even with all the data we have at our disposal, some companies are still lagging behind in understanding how to analyze it all. Are you sure you’re using a marketing analytics tool that is telling you exactly what you’d like to know about your marketing spend?

Analyzing the ROI OF Your Marketing Spend

Decision makers are always on the lookout for a marketing analytics tool that drives real results. You want something that can measure, manage and analyze your marketing performance in a better way. You want a tool that gives you truly unique insights and ultimately helps you implement changes which maximize the ROI on marketing dollars.

Both big data and marketing analytics promise optimized performance within the firm, but only if they’re utilized correctly. Here’s the challenge! Even though companies are increasing their spend on analytics, there’s still little scrutiny of its impact. This is where TABS Analytics can fill the gap and pick up the slack. Is your marketing analytics tool improving ROI or profits? And is it being used effectively? At this moment in history, there is more data to crunch than at any other time. Yet, as many as 96% of companies have yet to realize the benefits of utilizing data for better insights. Only four percent of businesses are able to fully utilize the data at their fingertips. For those companies that can tap into their data, only 43% will obtain small benefits. And 23% will realize no benefits at all. Up to 22% of companies fail to apply any analytics at all to their data.

Gathering data without ever mining it to understand its implications is like flying blind.Obviously, there’s a lot of room for improvement among most businesses in America, and for forward thinking leaders, this presents an incredible opportunity.Companies that can truly place data at the center of the sales and marketing decisions can gain up 20% or more in ROI.

What Makes TABS Analytics Different?

At TABS, we help our clients focus on quantifying the impact of analytics. Here are several benefits of working with TABS:

  • Our products are intuitive and easy to use with fast deployment times

  • Our products enable relevant business insights and inspire clients to be more pro-active

  • Our products add an emotional element whereby clients feel confident that they have support at every step along the way

It’s Time for Your Company to Switch to Advanced Marketing Analytics We’ll break it down for you.

1. TABS analytics is an industry leader in measuring how well your marketing programs are working. What makes us so effective is that we can integrate a number of data sources that include surveys online, retailer POS, and syndicated scanner data to give you insights as to whether you're putting your money to good use.

2. Our powerful marketing mix helps clients understand what’s driving their sales and predict future behavior. In addition, you gain access to expert support and consulting along with a simulation tool whereby you can better plan sales and marketing campaigns.

3. Utilize TABS Shopper Insights and you’ll be able to boost sales and marketing efforts by nailing down the elements that drive brand favorability, awareness, and loyalty. You’ll also gain insights into customer conversion-to-trial.

Helpful Hints to Get Marketing Analytics to Work for You

Spend some quality time clearly defining any challenges your business might be facing.

What’s the mission? Do you need to acquire a whole new crop of users, reduce customer churn, or increase the percentage of customers who buy your products or services? When you work with TABS, we’ll help you take a closer look at your data collection and help you identify the gaps that are causing you to lose income. Remember, you can possess all the data in the world, but without a strategic approach that enables insights, your company may never achieve its goals at the next level. Marketing analytics is what we do!

We can provide the analytics models that can help your company predict outcomes. When you partner with us, we’ll make sure that we begin by identifying your company’s business opportunities, and then work backwards to determine the best analytics model that can help your company improve performance.

Ready to Transform Your Company’s Capabilities?

With TABS, you’ll be working with a company that thrives on analytical innovation. Our software provides customer metrics that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry. Our TABS Group’s software effectively pulls all of your data together to analyze additional analytics that cover your spend, shipments, consumption, and all phases of marketing activities.