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Have you checked out the latest addition to the TABS Analytics suite? Meet Pivotstream...

The exciting new component of the TABS Analytics ecosystem that gives you razor sharp, customizable dashboards delivering insights instantly for CPG companies.


pivotstream a division of tabs analytics

Build once, use forever.

Create your own dashboards.

We’ve got you covered, no matter what makes up your mountain of data. Whether you’re working with factory shipments, market data, distributor depletions, forecasts, budgets - or all of the above - we have the flexibility to offer you the best data for your needs (and your budget) - no matter how large or small.

Convert “data processing” time into revenue-generating insights for everyone.

Don’t spend endless employee hours reinventing your workflows and sales processes. When you’ve got Pivotstream working for you, you’ll be able to reduce your sales call preps from weeks down to minutes, and give everyone on your team the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.


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How does Pivotstream work?

We help you create and use exceptional intelligence for your internal teams, external partners, and valued customers, by applying our distinctive 4-phase process.


Discover opportunities and deconstruct successes. Spend your valuable time analyzing, not just processing data.


Pivotstream connects to everything. You can explore detailed reports on the web, or craft insights locally in your preferred visualization software.


Share key reports and findings with all users. Pivotstream turns today’s insights into tomorrow’s status quo for your entire team.


Gain sales and grow your profits as your team leverages improved insights and remarkable efficiencies.

Who can benefit from Pivotstream?

Perhaps more than any vertical, Consumer Package Goods companies face data challenges. We streamline the analysis process, returning much-needed time to Suppliers, Distributors, and Retailers.


With Pivotstream you can finally conquer that mountain of data.

More than any other vertical, CPG companies face constant data overload. Whether you are a supplier, distributor or retailer, Pivotstream minimizes the analysis process for you, giving you more time to focus on the actions that will improve your bottom line.


The Pivotstream Cloud BI removes many of the common hurdles you face as a CPG supplier. You’ll no longer have to struggle with legacy systems, IT expertise and availability,  hardware, and category management expertise.


CPG distributors have a unique challenge: harmonizing supplier reporting AND customer insights. Pivotstream automates much of this work, leaving you free to optimize distribution, sales, and supplier satisfaction.


As a retailer, your category management capabilities are only as good as the legacy systems you’re dealing with. Collaborating insights with suppliers is a must, and Pivotstream makes it easy to funnel all that data into one stream.

"At Auditgraph, we improve patient safety worldwide. We systematically review thousands of pharmaceutical labels in dozens of countries for the largest healthcare companies. Our partnership with Pivotstream is key, as their systems and expertise allow us to identify, score, and prioritize each and every discrepancy, leading our best in class regulatory affairs experts to make informed corrections."

- Mauricha Marcussen, CEO & Founder, Auditgraph

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