Turn BevAlc category data into insights that grow your business.

We've partnered with Nielsen to bring you BevAlc (Beer, Wine & Spirits) category data that you can analyze with Pivotstream's QuickTABS Connect™ platform. Using our proprietary analytics, you'll get an immediate understanding of what your business drivers are so you can act on them. Take a 30-day free demo now! 

Data is critical to how you operate, strategize and sell in BevAlc categories.

But, how do you overcome needing specialized BI skills, IT expertise and costly software deployments?


Specialized BI Skills

Specialized BI Skills

Our platform comes with ready-made reports so you can analyze, visualize and commercialize your data. 

IT Expertise

IT Expertise

We deliver cloud-based solutions so you don't have to worry about IT infrastructure or expertise.



Use our software from a single web-based location. Deploy it with Power BI, PowerPoint and Tableau.

Enter QuickTABS Connect™ 

We've partnered with Nielsen to bring you the data expertise and streamline the analysis process so you'll be able to understand your what drives your business minutes.

Increase Your Effectiveness 8x

"Using the analytics from Pivotstream's platform, we created more compelling selling stories and grew our new item placement success rate from 10% to 85%...and we are now category advisers for several of our top retail partners."

- Vice President, O'Neill Vintners & Distillers

It's like having a data analyst on call 24-7.

With QuickTABS Connect reporting, you'll get 14 ready-made reports that update at the push of a button so you can analyze your business with in minutes, not days. 

QuickTABS Connect reports give you the answers you need on business growth drivers, productivity and trends that provide the insights to your category that your competition simply doesn't have.  



Get BevAlc Connected Insights for 30 days. Free. 

Access to Nielsen BevAlc Category Data and the QuickTABS Connect platform.

What happens next?


When you click on the sign up button and submit your form, you'll get an email from us with your username and password and will then have immediate access to the data and analytics tools. 

What is our QuickTABS Connect™ series?


Pivotstream, a Nielsen Connected Partner, is providing entirely free access to a massive amount of insights for specific categories. Occasionally we will refresh that data, so check back often. Our goal is to introduce all of the Suppliers in the category to the remarkable knowledge and performance gains available when you combine Nielsen's best-in-class data with our easy, intuitive always-on web analytics platform.

Using all your data well is a competitive advantage.


Sales and Marketing teams spend countless hours shaping and integrating data into usable knowledge, only to do it all again when the data changes. Pivotstream not only lets you recover all of that “data processing” time, we turbo-charge your sales and marketing efforts with best-in-class category and competitive analytics. Know ten times more, with a tenth of the effort. More time to sell, more firepower to sell with.

Unified analytics create a common understanding.


Easily support proposals with fact-based selling narratives. Understand your competitive landscape to increase your distribution. Optimize your strategies and grow your profits. Share valuable insights with Retailers and Distributors. A unified knowledge voice amplifies the ROI of your data purchase, improves the communication quality and frequency between Distributors, Suppliers, and Retailers, and aligns everyone around the same goals. This happens when your team gets connected to insights.

Reduce your sales call prep from weeks to minutes.

Have your entire team sign up and see for yourself how our platform and Nielsen's data saves time, improves understanding, and creates new conversations about securing real customer wins with analytics (not just data).

And we'll provide you with a thirty-minute training call to show how to leverage your performance - on real data!

A 30-day free trial...that's money in the bank.

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