Performance Management

Building a measurement culture starts with the broad availability of... measurement.

Retailer-Performance-700x400.pngPerhaps more than any other vertical, Retailers are saddled with legacy systems which neither deliver comprehensive analysis to headquarter personnel, nor any meaningful guidance to store operations and store managers on the front line. Central to Retail execution is empowering your measurement culture. It needs to be easy and fact to get to clear and actionable intelligence.

Retailer Applications must be fast, intuitive, and highly interactive.  There's so much information to look at and understand in Retail.  Whether category management analytics, inventory availability, productivity trends, or even preparation for top-to-top Supplier Partnership meetings, Retailers need interactive and easy intelligence.  At TABS Analytics, we convert your time processing and collecting data to cultivating and sharing knowledge. Everybody gets smarter.

Category & Space Optimization

Retail space is finite. Consumer choices are ever-evolving. Are your Category Space allocation efforts keeping up?

Good Merchants are on top of trends, always estimating the next big category expansion. The best Merchants not only take educated and calculated risks, they measure the immediate impact of their Category Space allocations and impose steering changes to tune their approach. This requires time and effort, but should be supported with on-demand performance analytics. The faster you know, the faster you grow, the farther you go.

You have your category strategy planned. Then products and Supplier marketing come along and shift consumer preference. Aligning your selection to both your category strategy and the ever-shifting consumer preference is one of the more dynamic challenges facing Retailers. The degree to which you minimize the disconnect between your assortment, pricing, and consumer preference, is the degree to which your strategy is rewarded. At TABS Analytics, we expose the performance relationship between space, pricing, and consumption to allow your fine tuning to be as frequent as desired.

Merchandising Effectiveness

Does your In-Store Merchandising convert customers, or collect dust?

Secondary placement, in-aisle displays, variances in planogram adjacencies. These and other in-store merchandising efforts can yield real results. But the key is, you have to know which merchandising events deliver results and which do not before you can intelligently modify your retail activity.

You already know what you do in your stores. Your opportunity now is to quantify the results from everyday sales after your changes in merchandising strategy. At TABS Analytics, we facilitate the understanding of your Merchandise Effectiveness from the point of deployment. We also contrast versus the weeks prior to and after the Merchandise Event to measure the sustained lift and impact to profitability.