Supplier Category Management

We don't crunch numbers, we crush them. Empower everyone with category management insights, on-demand, 24/7.

In a world of 1,000s of SKUs in every shape, size, flavor and packaging... How can your brand rise to the top and produce the results you seek? In addition to a great product and marketing plan, brands are relying more than ever on data to understand their competitive landscape and craft fact-based presentations to achieve distribution. If you are a brand in the growth phase, where should you launch next? If your brand is already broadly distributed, how can you rationalize your SKUs, optimize your promotions, and set an intelligent innovation path?

Often, our clients have Category Management professionals on staff. TABS Analytics gives these important team members a much-needed efficiency mechanism to extend their fine work. Our solution comes with a suite of reports, but no doubt your Category Management pros know how they want to see the data delivered. With our platform, your category managers can build their own interactive dashboards and deploy them to everyone, multiplying the results their efforts. Best practices capabilities go to everyone. Now that is smart.

At TABS Analytics, we couple your syndicated data with our cloud analytics platform and decades of category management experience to extend best-in-class insights in a self-serve, web-based portal to every member of your team. whether you are a cosmetics company or a beverage alcohol supplier, you will have 24/7 access to volume, distribution, and velocity facts at the click of a button for every geography and retailer. With this capability, anyone can quickly and accurately determine the which competitor SKUs should be replaced by your own and why. Shelf space is a finite resource, and your buyer is looking to you to help maximize their profitability. Will you be able to help?

Distributor Management

Knowledgeable Suppliers - Ways to differentiate

As a supplier, the burden falls upon you to manage and push both your distributors and retailers to meet their goals and continue to keep your brand top of mind. TABS Analytics enables you to incorporate your shipments, depletions, syndicated data and other secondary sources to produce an environment that creates actionable insights across your organization. Distributor management by utilizing only depletions is no longer going to suffice.

The Goal Setting and Quarterly Business Review (QBR) processes are crucial elements to a healthy relationship between the supplier and distributor. Whether the brand is managing dozens or hundreds of distributors, the complexity keeps escalating with profit margins decreasing and competition escalating. The ability to use data and metrics as a performance management tool that ranks your distributors against each other and versus the average is paramount. TABS Analytics provides this platform and the fact that we can act as an objective 3rd party to make the entire process transparent and filled with trust gives the whole exercise that much more credibility.

Nielsen and VIP Integrations

Shepherding Brands and Growth

Brand Portfolio Management. New Entrants. Pricing Segmentation. Aligning all of your distributor's manpower and investment requires focus and the best intelligence.

While stand-alone tools can be very impactful to the brands and distributors business, the integration of data sources is the next frontier and TABS Analytics is leading the way in terms of those joins and what that brings to the decision makers. At the top of the list for every stakeholder in the value chain is the intersection of depletions from the distributor to the retailer along with syndicated data to show consumption at the retail point.

The benefits of integrating the two sources are many, with supply chain and inventory management leading the way along with sales optimization insights, channel strategy review, and improved strategic planning. We integrate market-level data with depletions and, for larger suppliers, TABS Analytics integrates store-level data with your distributor depletions to reveal site-specific promotional and merchandising effectiveness, new product effectiveness, and more.

Understanding Promotions

ROI on Promotional Spend - One of the toughest codes to crack

Promotions can come in many forms - price reduction, with or without display, and sometimes with features in retailer circulars. Without analytics help, it is really difficult to identify the promotions that run on your own brands, let alone measure the promotional impact of your competitive set. Promotional spending is one of the most expensive undertakings a CPG supplier faces, and is one of the most obvious places to drive volume and profit improvement. Oftentimes, buyers will "re-invent the square wheel" by repeating promotional events from the past with little or no guidance from suppliers on promotional effectiveness! Suppliers need to assess promotional effectiveness, harvest lift and ROI data, and actively sell in improved promotional participation.

TABS Analytics delivers Nielsen promotional analytics to everyone, and integrates additional data sources like Market Track store-level ad data, distributor depletions data, and your own captured promotional support data (fixed and variable scan fees) to determine Promotional ROI. Map yours and your competitor brand performance across weeks to see the base versus incremental promotional sales. Armed with these insights, you can set plans to spend your promotional dollars most effectively, by retailer and channel, and improve throughput, profitability, and retailer satisfaction.

Retail Link Analytics

Winning at the #1 Retailer!

Retail Link is a complex data source rich with opportunity for advanced analysis. Additionally, Walmart tends to be excellent consumers of information, creating a powerful opportunity to leverage excellent store-level, day-level, UPC-level analytics. At TABS Analytics, we augment this valuable data source with analytics expertise and additional data integrations. Overlay depletions data with Retail Link data to see ship-to-consumption views. Add demographics by zip code to see performance by deciles across affluence or other demographic attribute. For more advanced users, we create dynamic ACV metrics, allowing you to measure your distribution intelligently rather than only comparing performance per store. What is your brand ACV by state? By Distributor? By stores which index high for Hispanics in Arkansas? Put plainly, when you know how to optimize your sales with Walmart, their door is open to suggestions. Get informed and enter!

With Walmart's staggering market share, every brand should put themselves in the best position to succeed. By automating data extraction and hosting what can be huge and cumbersome data and overlaying advanced CPG metrics and customer specific hierarchies such as your sales force or that of the distributors, TABS Analytics lets you extract the most from Retail Link. Whether you use the TABS Analytics to automate insights for your team, create and share interactive dashboards with your Walmart buyer, or to efficiently meet the reporting requirements of this retail giant, we are here to help.

Advanced Analytics & More

And now for the really fun stuff...

Data is king. But what if your company and brands are already operating at high productivity levels and you are searching for that extra push to maximize your profits and grow your share. At TABS Analytics, we can utilize advanced algorithms and the merging of data sets to produce pricing elasticity models, correlation studies and other more advanced statistical founded reporting.

In the pricing world, changes in cents can equate to millions of dollars. Many times, brands will raise or lower prices in a vacuum and there isn't a lot of science around when they do those price reductions and for how long. TABS Analytics can implement those models into your business and allow for both macro and granular viewpoints to pinpoint opportunities and react.