Prescriptive Analytics - Turn Your Data Into Valuable Insights

It’s one thing to gather big data, and it’s another thing to turn that data into action. Prescriptive analytics is an umbrella term for the the science of turning your data into actionable insight that generates results. For two decades at TABS Analytics, we’ve been helping companies turn their vast stores of data into real business growth. We’re world leading experts on prescriptive analytics.

We'll Help You Ask The Right Questions

With our world class experience, TABS can help your company understand how to navigate the path ahead. First, we’ll make sure you’re asking the right questions about your business and your needs in order to understand what you really want to achieve. Then using the power of prescriptive analytics, we can discover and implement the best course of action for any situation your company faces in order to achieve those goals.

The End Result:

  1. Your company and marketing team will be able to define a problem.
  2. Your team will be able to define a workable objective.
  3. You company will be able to explore different paths for actions based on available data.

Let’s examine the Goals of Prescriptive analytics:

  • Improve a company’s overall quality level

  • Reduce company costs

  • Increase productivity

Free Up Resources to Maximize Sales...And Profits

We make all of this as simple for you to implement as possible.

We know that running a business is a 24/7 job, and there’s 1,000 things to do at any given time. Learn a complicated new operations system isn’t the priority for you. The priority is extracting value from that system, and that’s why, with TABS Analytics, deployment times are half the industry standard. We get in there fast and we give you the results you want faster than any of our competitors can. That’s our promise.

Thanks to our intuitive designs, our systems are built easy to use so that business owners and managers can free up their energy to focus on their most critical tasks. With our tools, we make it easy to understand what’s driving your business, where things are stalling out, and the reasons why.

Are You Getting The Business Insights You Deserve?

Prescriptive analytics should give you a clear path towards the outcomes that your company wants and values. Your company, like thousands of others, will have to reach a point where it stops wasting valuable money and time on analytics that cannot produce actionable results.

If your analytics haven’t led to better insights and more profitable decisions, then it’s time for a solution that works.

Where Is Prescriptive Analytics Useful?

Prescriptive analytics helps you to understand your customers like never before. It draws from the analysis of a person’s past history and includes their interactions and preferences. For instance, you can learn the best time to contact a customer during day or night, or learn about your most effective sales or marketing channels, or even pitch the products most appropriate for customers and prospects. The ultimate goal is to maximize sales.

Anticipate What, Where and Why Something Will Happen?

The innovative aspect of prescriptive analytics is that it enables its users to take advantage of future opportunities. You can also determine the risk of each decision option. And prescriptive analytics can keep taking in new data and predict and prescribe again and again.

The process keeps ingesting data which can be derived from a combination of things like videos, images, text, and unstructured data, and then can be used with familiar business rules to predict what’s up ahead. This is a powerful tool.

At TABS Analytics, we can show you how to leverage all of this without compromising any of your other priorities. We focus on making easy to use and ready to use solutions that help you achieve the results you’re after.

We believe in providing outstanding customer service alongside innovative data analytics solutions because we know that what you want is a tool that is easy to learn. We’ve learned from our 20 years in business that decision makers don’t have time to constantly be training on new tools. Every time you’ve got to train on something new, that’s time that could’ve been spent pushing the needle on your business. What your business needs is your decision making skill, and that’s what our tools help you do. Everything is designed to help you make better decisions, make them faster, and easier than any other tool on the market. We can get you up and running in half the time it takes for our competitors to do the same.

In this day and age, what’s more valuable than time?

Demand For Prescriptive Analytics Rises?

Big data’s influence is being felt in every nook and cranny of the business world, and it’s helped spawn three important subsections that you can start to use today:

  • Descriptive analytics that reveal what happened

  • Predictive analysis that inform us on what may happen

  • Prescriptive analytics that tell us how to leverage all our information to make the right business decisions going forward, and beat the competition.

Prescriptive analytics can be a powerful tool when used properly and that’s why demand is increasing. By 2022, the worldwide spend for the global analytics industry will be $1.6 billion or more.

Don’t sit this one out. If your company believes in big data, then make sure that your data offers relevant insights that can help you make the right competitive business decisions.

Why Not Work With The Experts?

At TABS, our team has years of collective experience and knowledge. And we know how to put that knowledge to good use for our clients.