The Right Retail Analytics Reveal Unprecedented Insights

90% of all the data ever generated by humanity has been produced over the last two years.

Think about that for a second.

Out of all the information ever created over the course of thousands of years, 90% was created in just the past 730 days. And the rate of data generation is only growing.

Everyday, every business is creating more data than they did the previous day. Many are being completely revolutionized by the insights their gaining and nowhere is this more evident than in retail.

Functional Benefits For Retailers

The customer experience has been transformed. Shoppers now expect and demand the ability to buy anything, anywhere, at any time. In return, companies now have the ability to know exactly when, where, and how those shoppers are buying. That information can be used to to understand why they’re buying. With the right retail analytics, you can develop a 360 understanding of who your best customers are and why they’re buying from you. That’s the power of big data and retail analytics.

That’s why retail analytics tools have become so critical. You need the ability to analyze and interpret the plethora of data coming in to fully understand the secrets being held within. If you’re not integrating world class retail analytics tools, rest assured that your competitors most certainly are. As time goes on, you will inevitably watch them pull away from the pack.

With the power of big data, it’s possible to gain perspectives that never existed in the past. Despite this influx of information we're experiencing, less than 5 percent of all data is being analyzed and used for good.

At TABS Analytics, we want to help change that statistic.

The two core objectives of tools like TABS RetailWorks are:

  • Maximizing the potential of each category in every aisle and portion of the store, ensuring that the greatest possible profit is achieved for every square foot of space.

  • Rearranging categories based on what drives the shopper and increases efficiency for the entire flow of movement within the space. 

The right tools can give your firm the edge it needs to grow to its fullest potential and emerge as a leader among the pack. TABS RetailWorks provides the thorough analysis your company needs to win. Our tools give you the ability to step back and see your business from a birds eye view to make effective high level decisions from a 30,000 foot vantage point. We give you the ability to make stronger and smarter decisions that translate to business results.

Free Up Resources to Maximize Sales...And Profits

We make all of this as simple for you to implement as possible.

We know that running a business is a 24/7 job, and there’s 1,000 things to do at any given time. Learn a complicated new operations system isn’t the priority for you. The priority is extracting value from that system, and that’s why, with TABS Analytics, deployment times are half the industry standard. We get in there fast and we give you the results you want faster than any of our competitors can. That’s our promise.

Thanks to our intuitive designs, our systems are built easy to use so that business owners and managers can free up their energy to focus on their most critical tasks. With our tools, we make it easy to understand what’s driving your business, where things are stalling out, and the reasons why.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

At TABS Analytics, we believe that the data-rich environment we’re living in can provide companies with the ability to design more functional systems. Harnessing innovative, distribution-based analytics and software that harmonizes all their information, including advertising activity, consumption, spending and shipment data, tools like RetailWorks can help retailers and manufacturers shine in a competitive market.

Our tools use technology that already exists, making it easy for companies to move forward. Forget about the long training periods that you’re accustomed to dealing with when implementing enterprise software. We’re focused on getting you up and running, and generating results faster than anyone else on the market.

Not only does our speed give you an edge that produces results in this fast moving business environment, but with our industry leading experience, company leaders can rest assured that we know what you’re doing. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we’re the experts. We know how best to serve your needs.

When you’re happy and comfortable with our work, it’s easy for the entire team to drive forward knowing success is on the horizon.

Since 1998, TABS Analytics has been delivering innovative solutions via data analysis to our loyal clients, always operating with top-tier customer experiences in mind.