Using Sales Analytics To Gain Insights And Find Solutions

With the onset of big data, companies now have the ability to develop more thorough insights than ever before. With this ability, companies can plan for the future in ways they never thought possible. Organizations both large and small, can now look ahead with more accuracy than ever before.

In the modern business environment, if your company isn’t leveraging sales analytics to accurately predicting sales trends, it’s already losing.

Every company should now be identifying, understanding, modeling, and predicting sales with greater accuracy than we ever thought possible. Although this realm of data analytics used to be reserved for enterprise level companies alone, the continuous democratization of technology has opened up detailed sales analytics and forecasting opportunities to virtually every sized company.

Are you one of them? If not, you need to be, and here’s what we can do for you.

How Can TABS Analytics Help?

Did you thoroughly analyze what made your last sales drive successful, or less successful than you’d like?

Can you accurately predict how the next one will fair?

If you’re not accurately predicting the ROI on your investments into business development, your company simply isn’t operating at the level it should be today.

TABS Analytics solutions can help extract data from a variety of different sources like surveys, applications, and transactions. With all that data, we can uncover the relationships that will empower your company to take actions that lead to greater success.

There’s a vast amount of sales analytics on which to focus, but there are three key areas to start with:

  • The Health of Your Pipeline – Where would your company be without healthy leads? Healthy leads result in healthy sales. Analyzing your lead pipeline is one of the keys to helping you maximize your sales, and for taking the initiative on this, your sales team will thank you. With the right quality and quantity of leads, you’ll be providing them the info that will empower them to operate at their peak.

  • The Health of Each Sales Stage – Each pipeline has a stage. We’ll help you understand how well your deals are progressing at each stage of the sales process so that you can maintain momentum throughout the pipeline.

  • Sales Team Activity – Partner with your sales teams to show them that management has their finger on the pulse of what’s working, and what’s not. Understanding your sales team activities at each point, where they are succeeding, where they are failing, and most importantly, why, can drive your sales team to new heights.

Sales Analytics That Will Keep You In The Know

Customers have needs, and they also have unmet needs. If you don’t know what those needs are, there’s a strong chance your competition already does, or soon will.

Do you have the data to actually know the real size and true potential of your market? If not, knowing these simple data points can lead your marketing team to jump to conclusions about your business. Let the analytics guide you because making decisions by way of gut instinct has no place in the modern, cutthroat business world.

Can you accurately forecast your future demand as well as the weather channel can forecast tomorrow’s temperature? If you want to remain competitive, then understanding demand is essential for success. In today’s world, is there really any room for an educated guess?

Do you know where your market is trending at the moment? Your market can only be at one of three stages: growth, stagnation, or decline. At TABS, our professional software and consulting services can help you eliminate any mysteries and make data driven decisions.

Can you analyze what prospective customers are saying and thinking about your brand? If you can figure out what they’re saying, and why they aren’t yet customers, you can expand your products and services to entice them into your orbit.

Empower yourself with world class data analytics solutions from TABS Analytics, and starting growing your business today.

Your Brand Matters To Us

And analyzing your brand as it compares to your competitors is where we can help you excel. At TABS, we take data and turn it into information that clients can leverage.

Our TABS Total Insights™ is the perfect tool to turn your analytics data into more sales and profits. At TABS, we full believe that our industry-leading products are the solutions that can help your company reach its next plateau of success.