TABS Shopper Insights

What is it?

TABS Shopper Insights is a turnkey solution that delivers tangible Sales and Marketing results for consumer survey data. Not every issue in Category Management can be resolved with syndicated data.  Often we need to understand why things are happening in order to predict future trends more effectively.  TABS Shopper Insights provides action-oriented tactical insights that will enhance your category management initiatives.

What are we buying?

You are purchasing a shopper insights study that uses consumer surveys to address high-priority, quick turnaround, tactical (and sometimes strategic) needs of your business.  TABS Analytics manages all phases of the project including consumer panel selection, questionnaire creation, custom cross-tab development, survey analysis, and account-specific presentations.  You can address the following issues with TABS Shopper Insights studies:

  • Consumer Demographics – Identify the Target Consumer to market your products and maximize your results, and educate retailers about the importance of your consumers.
  • Consumer Awareness and Perception – What percent of the population is aware of your Brand?  What percent of the population purchase?  What is their perception, and how does this compare?
  • Consumer Purchase Dynamics -What is the Household Penetration of the segment, and how frequently do consumers use the product?
  • Consumer Decision Tree– Understand the most important attributes in the category that drive consumer preference.

How will it help us?

TABS Consumer Insights layered on top of advanced category analytics will allow you to maximize the power of the following category management initiatives: new product launches, pricing initiatives, trade marketing, and consumer marketing initiatives to drive retail sales.  For example, a recommendation to increase promotional support in one category was accompanied by a shopper survey that showed that less than 2% of category shoppers were aware of the retailer’s Everyday Low Price strategy, which had been in place for almost a year.  The retailer committed to tripling the number of promotional events for the client in the upcoming year.

How is it different? 

TABS Analytics' strength is in shopper research that is quantitative rather than qualitative (i.e. consumer perceptions).  We also focus on retailer-oriented studies with Retail Account Teams being the major customer for these studies.  Shopper insights are only reliable if the right questions are asked to the right consumers and if they corroborate in-market results (i.e. “The truth”).  TABS Analytics will help you construct those questions based on your needs. TABS also provides vast experience in category management, retailer insights, and consumer knowledge.

How can we get started?

These studies are incredibly inexpensive for the amount of information you can gather.  For less than $25,000 you can have shopper insights information on your Top 5-10 retail customers.  Furthermore, turnaround times are four weeks or less for these studies.  This service is packaged to make it easy for you to start today, and  you can expect to see results in one month.


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