TABS PanelMaster™

What is it?

TABS PanelMaster™ is a powerful analytic tool that provides instant and innovative analytics for household panel data.

What are we buying?

TABS PanelMaster™ is an Excel-based software that enables you to compare Retailers’ ability to convert “Shoppers” to “Buyers,” and to see the Market Basket size by brand or by segment buyers.  TABS PanelMaster™ includes a proprietary Projection Model to gauge improvements in Annual Retail Sales based on changes in Consumer purchase dynamics.  It also includes “smart charts” that make it easy to communicate this opportunity to the retailer.



How will it help us?

TABS PanelMaster™ delivers analysis from a retailer perspective in order to gear insights and recommendations to tactics that can be implemented at retail.  Panel information comes in non-actionable reports rather than actionable analytics. Since it is so difficult to attain, panel data is the most underutilized market information tool in the industry.

How is it different?

We provide proprietary metrics such as Buyer Conversion Efficiency (different than Buyer Conversion), which provides more accurate insight into panel data.   Additionally, TABS Analytics custom codes Products and Accounts to match the scan database.  This enables the integration of consumer trends and market trends.  It also provides the ability to project the sales value of higher buyer conversion or larger transaction sizes.

How can we get started?

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