Analytics Outsourcing

What is it?

A complete Category Management Outsourcing engagement with TABS Analytics includes one or more consultants dedicated to delivering all of your category management and analytics needs for the total country or a select group of retailers.

What am I buying?

You will receive the full suite of TABS CatMan Advantage™services during an annual contract, and depending on the needs of your business, at least one dedicated person will assist your company in this endeavor.  Currently, we provide this service for the majority of our client base.

How will it help me?

Larger organizations can receive best-in-class category management support for less than or equal to the amount they are currently paying.  More likely, this service will aid in gaining coverage of retailers that do not justify a full time headcount.  It will also aid in gaining coverage where you are having difficulty finding qualified CatMan professionals.

How is it different?

Many times companies will rely on their sales broker to provide these services.  However, these companies are not experts in analytics, and the analyst assigned to your business is usually very junior.  A full analytics outsourcing engagement with TABS Analytics provides you with senior-level support along with our full suite of innovative analytics and software.

How can we get started?

A 30 minute conference call to assess your current needs is the first step.  A few days after that, we can deliver a proposal for services.