Category expertise. Unrivalled business intelligence. At your fingertips.

“Such easy access to the data that we didn’t have before.”

Steve Gattanella, Prestige Brands, Marketing Services Manager

There’s a data deluge and you’re drowning in it

Trying to get your foot in the door is tougher than ever. So how do you create irresistible selling presentations that wow buyers and give you the headstart you need?

You already know the answer’s hidden in your data. Buyers want hard facts, fast. They want to know what’s on the market and how categories are performing.

But pulling reports, ranking data and building visuals is slow and inefficient. There’s too much data and no efficient way to interrogate it. 

Without the right tools and/or limitless budgets you’re roadblocked.  But there is a way...


Quick Tabs


Slice and dice your data in a flash. 

QuickTABS Microsoft Excel®-based analytics is a game-changing reporting tool that allows you to dig into categories and analyze data at the speed of thought.

Now you can easily and rapidly navigate syndicated data, identify opportunities, risks to growth and key business drivers.

With QuickTABS you can:

  • Instantly access Nielsen data (no waiting around for sluggish downloads)
  • Interrogate your data with no restrictions
  • Prepare for selling presentations faster and with more confidence 
  • Pull ranking reports, unit reports, productivity measures and creatively graph them
  • Quickly respond to retailer questions and grab their attention
  • Put more data into more users’ hands making everyone smarter, more efficient, and more informed.

Better still, QuickTABS can be used offline, with no need for additional resources, user licenses, expenses or IT support. And it’s unbreakable, too.

Business intelligence. But not as you know it.

Our proprietary metrics and tools, such as sales momentum, sales decomposition and productivity set your company apart from your competition.

Plus, with decades of respected CPG expertise, we understand what drivers are important to the retail buyers.

QuickTABS incorporates data for all classes of trade and multiple time periods in one database. So you can switch quickly between multiple classes of trade and time periods for efficient analysis.

Quite simply, QuickTABS is the simplest most, portable on the market.

Simple, flexible and supremely accessible

  • QuickTABS is installed in matter of weeks, often much less. And if you don’t have your own data, we can design a cost-effective package of syndicated retail sales data for you.
  • You can start drilling into your data the moment it’s installed on to your machine.  And because the data is stored on users’ computers, so it’s always available, no matter where you are.
  • Because QuickTABS is based on Microsoft Excel, it’s easy to use and requires minimal training.

Getting started

We can design a package to suit your analytical needs and budget.

You can purchase it on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Or, you can start with a semi-annual or annual data run at a cost of $7,500 to $10,000 per run. After that, we can migrate you to a monthly retainer relationship designed to fit your needs.

Learn more about our latest version: QuickTABS 3.5

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