Data Integration Strategy – TABS Account Insights™

What is it?

The TABS Account Insights™ service is a custom Data Integration Strategy and dashboard development service for CPG manufacturers. Its specialty is integrating retailer-specific POS data, EDI feeds, shipment, and financial forecasts, and financial data.  The results make for a unified and harmonized view of your business, incorporating all your key metrics, and plugging in TABS Analytics' proprietary metrics.

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 What are we buying?

  • Single Source Consistency:  Anyone who has worked with POS or operational data knows it is fragmented.  Before analytics can begin, you must first deal with disparate item numbering systems, incompatible time periods (i.e. fiscal week numbers, calendar week dates, etc.), custom file formats, and inconsistent measures.  TABS Account Insights takes care of all the messy work for you, so you can focus on actual analysis.  We can even integrate syndicated and financial data, along with your POS information, so you can access everything in one tool.
  • Dynamic and Customizable Reports:  End-to-end data harmonization results in dashboards that are extremely interactive, allowing you to answer your own questions easily.  No more downloading of new reports or complicated refreshes.

How will it help us?

  • True Collaboration:  With all your data in one place, everyone within your organization can finally be on the same page.  Cross-customer analysis and benchmarking will become commonplace.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive:  TABS Account Insights enables our clients to monitor carefully key operational metrics such as in-stock percentages, inventory levels, and ship versus consume ratios in order to resolve issues before they escalate to major problems.   Our heat-mapped exception reports facilitate efficient meetings with retail planners to ensure the correct amount of product is shipped at the right time.  By integrating shipment, forecast, and plan data, account managers are able to look ahead into the future and plan accordingly.

How is it different?

  • Confidence in Your Data Accuracy:  Our two-pronged validation process involves programmatic validation of the input data as well as careful review of the final deliverables by experienced analysts.  During the integration process, we often identify and resolve multiple errors in the raw data – something “black box” software cannot do.
  • Flexibility in the Final Reporting Platform:  With TABS Account Insights you are not locked into a single reporting solution.  Instead, you will receive an executive dashboard via TABS Market Insights™ for top-level insights as well as QuickTABS® to facilitate insights for power-users.
  • True Customization and Ongoing Support: From start to finish, TABS Account Insights is built to suit your needs.  We start by assimilating your custom data and finish by customizing each end report.  We will even replicate existing scorecards so you can experience a seamless transition.  Our team will work directly with your end users to gather feedback and assist with training and support.

How can we get started?

 Please contact us to schedule a live demo of TABS Account Insights™ and to answer your questions.  Once we understand your needs, we can propose an initial pilot project integrating data for a few of your top customers.  If you are pleased with the results, we can then transition to an ongoing retainer relationship to handle 100% of your integration needs.


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