Global Shopper Insights

What is it?

TABS Global Shopper Insights provides important information on consumer purchasing behavior in global markets of interest.

What are we buying?

TABS Analytics executes fast, accurate, and cost-effective consumer surveys in markets of interest, as well as in benchmark countries that provide important frames of reference. TABS Analytics provides easy, actionable summaries of the results that can then be used internally for strategic guidance.  Additionally, we offer fact-based selling information usable for retail.

How will it help us?

Sales and marketing efforts in new markets become dramatically more effective when you have detailed knowledge of the consumer, and understand how their behaviors compare to consumers in your native market. Demonstrating knowledge of the retailer’s consumer in a new market gives your company and your products immediate credibility.

How is it different?

For US companies to be successful in international markets, it is important to benchmark consumer behavior in those new markets vis a vis the US, in order to maximize opportunities in the new market.  For example, our research found that consumers in the UK purchased a key cosmetic segment at 4 times the rate of US consumers. This information provided valuable guidance on the level of marketing investment that was warranted in that market.

How can we get started?

Contact us for a cost quote and a demonstration of examples of our prior work in Global Shopper Insights.