Global Business Intelligence – TABS WorldView®

What is it?

TABS WorldView® is an advanced suite of services that enable companies to gain CPG Global Business Intelligence and understand market performance and opportunities quickly.  The foundation of TABS WorldView® is our proprietary Data Harmonization process, that transforms disparate raw data formats into a consolidated and consistent database.  Data Harmonization is conducted across category definitions, product attribution, monetary value exchange, and reporting time period alignment.  The result is instant access to market performance at the global, regional, and local country level via TABS’ easy-to-use access tools.




What are we buying?

For international manufacturers competing around the world, or for companies looking to expand into other countries, TABS WorldView® provides the following:

  • Multi Country Database:   Organizations spend extensive time and effort aggregating datasets and modifying data formats in order to understand global market performance.  They have to condense results from all countries in which they compete into a single view.  This is due to the divergent data content and formats that exist across the various data suppliers providing sales tracking data in different countries.  TABS Data Harmonization eliminates all time and effort spent on organizing data, allowing users to instead focus on understanding results, insights, and conducting analytics that will help drive their business forward.  TABS Analytics has worked with syndicated data from over 70 countries, from a variety of data sources including IRI, Nielsen, Aztec, IMS, Account level POS, and survey data. TABS Analytics' operational expertise transforms data from any (and as many) sources that are available into a single, consistent multi-country database, which can then be accessed via the following analytic tools.
  • TABS Insight™: Includes powerful cloud-based executive dashboards that give users instant topline insight into their businesses, ahead of the competition.  TABS Insight graphics quickly identify performance, trends, opportunities, vulnerabilities, and point to areas to drill deeper.  TABS Insight puts local and global data at your fingertips from anywhere in the world on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart-phones.
  • QuickTABS®: A user-friendly, Microsoft Excel®-based analytics and reporting tool that gives instantaneous access of your data to any member of the organization. The tool does not require extensive training, expertise, online access, IT support, or additional money for seat licenses. QuickTABS utilizes Distribution-Based Analytics to identify key drivers in your business helping to separate your organization from competition with retailers. It is simple to use, portable, and unbreakable!
  • Technical and Analytical Support: TABS consultants provide both technical user support as well as analytic support in terms of SKU  rationalization, new item forecasting, or the business issue du jour.

How will it help us?

TABS Analytics understands that managing a global business requires thinking globally and acting locally. TABS WorldView® makes this possible by quickly and easily providing the necessary global perspective to drive strategic insights and decisions that can be implemented at the local country level.

How is it different?

TABS Analytics' proprietary data harmonization and analytic access tools empower our clients to get ahead of the competition by understanding and acting upon opportunities, while competitors are still aggregating data from numerous countries and data sources.

How can we get started?

For the costs of staffing a senior-level global business resource, our clients receive TABS Worldview® services and the senior expertise of TABS Analytics consultants.  It’s a low risk solution that immediately elevates your global efforts to the top tier of the industry.  And it only takes four weeks to have a one category/20 country database up and running for all users in the company.

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