Acquisition Opportunity Assessment

What is it?

This service enables you to flag desirable brand or company acquisition opportunities well before the market sees them.

What am I buying?

In addition to buying the expertise of TABS Analytics, you also receive exposure to vast amounts of granular, market performance data.  We review all of the categories for which we have visibility, and send you an opportunity flag memo every time we see an attractive investment opportunity that confirms pre-established parameters.  If you have an interest in taking a deeper dive, we can assist you in acquiring the necessary data for us to complete a full quantitative analysis on the opportunity.

How will it help us? 

Our distribution-based analytics enables you to identify brands with strong consumer appeal, that may not have achieved full distribution yet. Our ability to identify these acquisition targets early in their life cycles ensures that you will not be overpaying for these assets.

How is it different?

This type of service does not currently exist in the market.  It is a service unique to TABS Analytics.

How can we get started?

There is a modest monthly retainer (typically $2,000 or less), for us to watch for opportunities based on your parameters.  We receive additional fees for doing deeper analytical dives or for any deals that close.  You choose the structure.