Offer Memorandum

What is it?

TABS Analytics provides offer memorandum analytics for brands up for sale. This process goes beyond the typical sales, market share and sales trends data to provide a more compelling story of the true brand strength.

What am I buying? 

You are buying TABS Analytics' expertise in order to create a compelling story for the long-term value of your brand.  Using our portfolio of innovative analytics, provides you with insights that you cannot find anywhere else.

How will it help us?

You will maximize the purchase price of your brand by demonstrating not just a positive growth history, but also high loyalty scores, high organic growth trends, or underdeveloped and easily closed distribution gaps.

How is it different?

To make a strong case for your brand, we go beyond simply showing sales trends and market shares.  We use our full arsenal of innovative analytics to provide the best story for your brand.

How can we get started?

This is a customized service that is dependent on the extent of your needs, and the amount of brands being sold.  A 30 minute conference call will provide us with the information necessary to create a proposal.